Home Central EOW raided ,counterfeit SKF Bearings worth lacs seized, 4 detained

EOW raided ,counterfeit SKF Bearings worth lacs seized, 4 detained


Counterfeit SKF Bearings worth Lacs seized during Mumbai Raid – 4 Detained

Mumbai, 6th Feb: SKF, the leading company in ball bearing manufacturing in sync with their brand protection strategy filled a complaint with DCP, EOW Mumbai Police through its Brand Protection agency TACT India. The EOW on 01st Feb 2018 conducted a large enforcement action in Nag Devi Street & Samuel Street at Masjid Bandhar area on multiple Traders, wholesalers & stamping units indulging in counterfeit bearings across brands. While most of the bearing brands being counterfeited SKF proactively undertook brand protection operations to protect brand & consumer rights alike.

Counterfeit bearings worth lacs were seized along with spurious packing material & screens used for stamping.

EOW Mumbai Police after receiving the complaint raided 4 Traders in Mumbai:Rushab Ramesh Sanghavi of Supreme Bearings, Shailesh Nagardas Shah, Riyasat Ali, Paramjit Singh.These outlets were operating from area near Nag Devi Street & at Samuell Street,Mumbai& were supplying mateiral to places other then Mumbai also. The FIR was registered under Paidhuni Police Station.


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