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    ESSENCE – Group Exhibition of Paintings & Sculpture by 6 Artists from Kolkata at Jehangir Art Gallery from 17th May to 23rd May, 2022


    A group exhibition of 6 contemporary artists Atish Mukherjee, Avijit Sengupta, Binit Kumar Sinha, Dipankar Ray, Mita Ray & Sandip Bajpayi from Kolkata will display their recent artwork comprising Paintings & Sculptures in Jehangir Art Gallery, Auditorium Hall, M. G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 17th May to 23rd May, 2022 between 11 am to 7 pm. It will lay emphasis on their styles, creative expressions and visual perspectives in the relevant arenas. These artists have come together to showcase their latest creative work in a group exhibition on a common platform here that will truly regale and duly enlighten one and all in the present art world due to simplicity, artistic glory and uniqueness of each creation in the apt perspectives.

    Consciousness and matter unite to achieve empathy and aesthetic pleasure or absolute truth. Fatherhood or hierarchy is a one-way relationship. But the process of eating is an unique two-way process that exists through even handed relationship. Since the process of eating is the metaphor for the consumption of knowledge and also for savoring the ‘Rasa’,  in case of any subjective knowledge or consumption the subject and object of an activity interchanges. I cannot become a consumer unless I am the object to be consumed simultaneously. Hence the process of eating is also a form of meditation.  Due to this very reason Indian philosophers have not used the word ‘form’ or ‘melody’ but ‘Rasa’ as the soul-word of Aesthetics. Artists extinguish his ego with the devotion and judgement, and free himself through his creation. We are students of Government College of Art and Crafts during ‘90s. Today in the beginning of 21st century the shadow of pandemic, threats of another world war, the endless power struggle enveloping the world. We arranged this exhibition to be united, to challenge the power of alienation. Therefore, the soul or ESSENCE of our exhibition is “Rasobaisaah”.



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