Famous Astrologer Subrata Banerjee Predicts Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s Victory is Guaranteed

    Astrologer Subrata Banerjee.

    Famous astrologer Subrata Banerjee predicts Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s victory is guaranteed!

    File Picture of PM Narendra Modi.

    File Picture of BJP President Amit Shah.

    If astronomy is to be believed then according to famous astrologer Subrata Banerjee the road for victory for both Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah is guaranteed!

    It may be noted that Subrata Banerjee’s predictions turned true before BMC elections when he predicted that Shiv Sena will be No 1 Party and will get (81+-) seats. In addition, Banerjee had also predicted that Shiv Sena allies will also come in Power in BMC. Incidentally, both predictions were true.

    Similarly, Subrata Banerjee has predicted that in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, Narendra Modi will win from Varanasi with a huge majority and BJP President Mr. Amit Shah will win with a margin of over 1 lacs Votes.

    But according to mundane astrology major setback may come from UP where BJP may loss 26 to 18 seats compared to 2014.

    -Edited by Mansoor Khan



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