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    FIR registered against Javed Shroff, Chairman Habib Esmail Education Trust School in Molestation case


    In a freakish crime the Dongri Police on Monday, October 31, 2022, police in Dongri, registered an FIR against Javed Shroff, Chairman of Habib Esmail Education Trust School.

    Reportedly, the Police registered the FIR on the basis of a complaint lodged by a teacher at the school who claimed that the Chairman abused and sexually assaulted her.

    Notably, the Police has registered the case under sections 354 509, 506, and 504 of the IPC and invoking the Atrocity Act. According to the Police, they are probing the matter.

    Earlier Shroff was accused for not disbursing salary to school staff.

    Even as more details are awaited in the case, what is worth noting is that recently, the chairman of the Education Trust School was embroiled in another controversy.

    Last week, a staff of the Islamic school filed a police complaint against Javed Shroff accusing him for not paying their dues for over two months.

    Meanwhile, the Dongri Police reveal that the matter came to their light after Bodhi Atul Darastekar, the BMC-appointed school in charge of the primary section, and some staff members approached the Dongri police station on October 19, Wednesday.

    Apart non-payment of dues, Darastekar also complained that Javed Shroff, harasses the staff and does not allow them to leave until midnight. He keeps them engaged in non-teaching activities practically every day. The teacher also alleged that the infrastructure of the school, including the classrooms, is also in a dilapidated condition. The restrooms are dirty and unfit for human use.

    Darastekar adds that Shroff is an influential local politician. Around 60 staffers have been appointed by the BMC to work in this school, but its management didn’t submit the pay sheet to the BMC to release the staff salary.

    Sources reveal that despite the BMC education department having recently sent a letter to the school reminding the management to submit the October pay sheet of the employees as well provide a written explanation for the failure to do so, it was of no avail.

    The letter, dated October 17, read, “School management did not submit the October pay sheet of the staff nor give a written explanation as to why they failed to submit it.

    Due to this reason, the BMC education department did not release staff salary. The school and its management will be responsible for this.

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