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FIR registered against Reshma Ganji Libas MD and Kabir Singh Bhumia in 2 crore cheating case at Gamdevi Police station

FIR registered against Reshma Ganji Libas MD and Kabir Singh Bhumia in 2 crore cheating case at Gamdevi Police station

News comes to the fore of an high-profile cheating case that centres around a Fashion firm Libas Designs Ltd which has embroiled in a fresh controversy in an high-profile cheating case by Reshma Ganji,Managing Director of the fashion Firm who has cheated its Chairman Nishant Mahimtura to the tune of whopping Rs.2,38 Crore.

But, ironically, the Gamdevi Police has yet not arrested the accused Reshma Ganji and another Kabir Singh Bhumia
in this high-profile cheating case which has rocked and sent ripples in the fashion industry.

File picture of Reshma Ganji with her Husband Riyaz Ganji.

To get the facts in detail, Hello Mumbai News Editor-In-Chief Aleem Sheikh visited the Gamdevi Police Station and met Dattaram Girpe, Senior Inspector of Police, Gamdevi Police Station.

While speaking with Aleem Sheikh, Editor-in-chief, Hello Mumbai News, he confirmed that an FIR has been registered against Reshma Ganji and Kabir Singh Bhumia under CrPc section 420,468 406 and have at the same time summoned both the accused to record their statement. They have also freezed the Bank account of Reshma Ganji and added that Reshma Ganji need to visit the police station and Cooperate into the investigation leading to the cheating case.

Senior police Inspector Gamdevi Police station Dattaram Girpe

Reportedly, accused Kabir Singh Bhumia is absconding. Despite having issued two summons to him, he has chosen to remain silent over the sensational high-profile case.

Story in brief of the cheating case:

Nishant Mahimtura is the Chairman of the fashion firm Libas and a resident of Peddar Road.
He has lodged a complaint with the Gamdevi Police Station to record a statement linked to the high-profile cheating case. He brought to the notice of the Gamdevi Police that his aunt
Dr.Laluben Shivshankar Soneji owned a flat in one Shanti building off Peddar Road. Sadly, she breathed her last on 11 January 2005. Following her death things went haywire and a legal battle ensued for the heirship of the flat between Mahimtura, his aunt Rekha Vipin Khakkar and it was deemed necessary to move the Bombay High Court to resolve the matter. According to Mahimtura, Reshma somehow smelt of the flat heirship matter and intended to meet him. She met him and struck a deal to bring about an amicable settlement over the flat row between Mahimtura and Khakkar. For this she made a demand for Rs.2.8 crore.

File picture of Accused no 1 Reshma Ganji MD Libas Designer Ltd.

Mahimtura further elaborated to the Gamdevi Police officials that he reposed trust in Reshma since she was the MD of the Fashion Firm. Witout giving second thought, he agreed to give her the amount demanded by her in 3 cheques amounting to Rs.2.8 crore. While parting with the amount he never disclosed about it to her husband Riyaz Ganji, Executive Director of the Fashion Firm.

Since Mahimtura never heard from Reshma after parting with the amount he called her up. She gave him to understand that she was going to meet his aunt Dr.Laluben Shivshankar Soneji with her friend Kabir Singh Bhumia. Mahimtura further added he was in two minds whether Reshma had purchased the shares or using the money.
As per Dattaram Girap, Sr.Inspector Gamdevi Police Station, he tried calling up Reshma but she wasn’t accessible on her mobile.He made Mahimtura understand that they are probing over the matter whether the Rs.2.8 cr has been credited to her account.

File picture of Accused no 2 Kabir Singh Bhumia.

Reshma’s  Husband Riyaz Ganji released his Statement:

Reshma’s husband Riyaz Gangji is defending his wife on the charges and has filed an official complaint against Kabir singh Bhomia. Riyaz claims that he has investigated into the past of Kabir singh Bhomia and found out that he was deported from London on charges of mischief and it’s his business to trap gullible entrepreneurs for his scams and he is a very shady character. ” He is a scamster, he took advantage of my wife’s innocence and misguided her. I will resolve this issue under any circumstances and prove my wife’s innocence

We are ready to face any legal consequences because I know my wife is innocent. My only request to the police is to arrest him as soon as possible. Once he is arrested, the whole truth will come into light. My wife made a mistake in total innocence as he presented himself as a client who could influence a lot of NRIs at our stores. Reshma is a very innocent, non business minded, very trusting soul and can easily be misguided .In garb of a good client he actually fooled her . She is not part of this scam or Fraud. ”

While Reshma is available for Questioning, Kabir Singh Bhomia is still absconding. And Police are on the hunt for Kabir Singh Bhomia.

Our story is based on FIR Copy which is available with Hello Mumbai News.

All pics source credit Facebook and Google Search Third party.



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