Former Judicial Magistrate of Maharashtra, Himanshu M. Devkate: A Remarkable Journey from the Courtroom to Entrepreneurship

Former Judicial Magistrate of Maharashtra, Himanshu M. Devkate: A Remarkable Journey from the Courtroom to Entrepreneurship


The Indian judicial system grapples with an overwhelming number of cases, and the shortage of judges exacerbates the situation. With more than 6,000 vacancies, the burden on existing judges affects their personal lives. However, amidst these challenges, there are exceptional individuals who not only serve as judges but also venture into other avenues. One such inspiring story is that of Himanshu M. Devkate, a former judicial magistrate from Maharashtra.

Born on March 20, 1997, in Nanded district, Maharashtra, Himanshu Devkate pursued his LL.B. at Government Law College, Mumbai. His parents, both government employees in the police department, instilled a strong work ethic in him. In 2021, Himanshu joined the judiciary as a judge in the Thane District Court, following in the footsteps of his family’s legal legacy.

However, Himanshu’s journey took an unexpected turn. Even before donning the judge’s robe, he founded the Himanshu Group of Companies on March 20, 2016. Starting a business at such a young age is no small feat, but Himanshu’s determination fueled his success. Over the years, he expanded his entrepreneurial ventures, establishing institutions like Himanshu Entertainment Private Limited, Himanshu Restro Club/Pub, Himanshu Apparels Textiles, and the Ajmeri Foundation. Today, the combined turnover of these companies exceeds a staggering 500 crores.

Himanshu M. Devkate’s story exemplifies resilience, ambition, and the ability to balance public service with entrepreneurial pursuits. His dual roles as a judge and a successful businessperson serve as an inspiration to others navigating similar paths. As the legal system continues to grapple with its challenges, Himanshu’s remarkable journey reminds us that determination and innovation can lead to extraordinary achievements.

When Himanshu Devkate isn’t busy overseeing his business empire as the owner and Managing Director of the Himanshu Group of Companies, he indulges in one of his favorite pastimes: traveling. After wrapping up his business responsibilities, Himanshu embarks on journeys to explore different corners of the country. His passion for travel complements his entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating that success need not be confined to boardrooms and courtrooms—it can also be found along scenic highways and hidden trails.


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