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Gambling in Mumbai

Gambling in Mumbai

Mumbai is the biggest city in India by population is often frequented by many for internal holidays and those visiting from abroad. When people do visit on vacation they often like to have some extra money with them and play around with the betting in that country whether that be in the casinos or on a sporting event.

However, that is not fully exclusive to the holidaymakers and many people in Mumbai also want to bet on the same things these people do. So what are the rules in Mumbai?

Gambling in India

In India there are many strict rules and regulations in different states surrounding gambling. There is no one size fits all when it comes to betting in India and it is all state regulated unlike countries such as the UK.

States such as Kerala were well known for introducing the lottery laws that other states followed suit with. Whereas Goa is very popular with people who want to bet at casinos and some of the best casinos are found in the state which is situated 500km away from Mumbai.

However, many other states have regulations that do not allow gambling of any kind making it hard for people who want to bet without the worry of falling into debt wanting to spend either their money online or having to visit a state where gambling is fine.

Mumbai- is it okay?

Mumbai is situated in the state of Maharashtra and they have mixed views on gambling that can change the betting habit of the average person.

The first thing to consider is that Mumbai has a large poverty rate, which is higher than most places in India. The government brought in the Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act of 1887 to help with the situation. The national public gambling act of 1867 and all these laws say one thing and one thing only, gambling is illegal in Maharashtra; particularly in physical gaming houses.

To bet in Mumbai you could face a massive fine or even jail time. If you were caught three times betting you can face up to 6 months in prison. So even a little bet on the IPL could land you in big trouble.

However, Maharashtra is one of the states that does allow people to gamble on the lottery and allow them to play the lottery as a way of winning money. However, with one ticket only a small amount of rupees it can be regulated more than gaming houses that are not run by the state.

Is this the same for online gambling?

There is no law stating that you cannot bet online in Maharashtra and it is a way that many people gamble in the state. This allows customers in Mumbai to visit a list of casinos online and find the best one for them without feeling the risk of fines or jail time by betting physically.

Betting online for Indians is fairly new but it could be the future for a country obsessed with sport and social activities.

Disclaimer Note:  We don’t endorse online gaming. Readers may participate at their own risk.


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