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Gang of Robbers Arrested by Malvani police


Recently Malvani police busted the robber racket and arrested four persons , the arrest accused handed over to the Versova police station now. According to the Police arrested accused Chandra se khar Bhim rao khandare age 20 alias Golya, Darmesh purshatam Bhariya 24, Amin Sherakhan alias Nepu, 22 , and Rajpralhad karotiya age 28 .All of them are professional criminals and have number of cases in different police stations. Police arrested them under section IPC 454, 457.This recket open when the arrest accused targeted the House and looted the valuable things in Malvani ,police set up investigative team and arrested them during intrrogation they confessed the  other crimes which they have committed ,they also looted ATM center in versova and did House Breaking .Now Malvani police handed over them to Versova police station.


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