Good News Central Railway Announced Special Arrangements For Non Reserved Passengers, Lokmanaya Tilak Terminus


    Central Railway News by Pro : Central Railway makes special arrangements at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus for Un-reserved passengers.


    In its endeavour to provide a comfortable journey to its passengers, Central Railway’s Mumbai Division has re-organised the arrival and departure platforms of 14 popular trains originating / terminating at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. This has been done to ensure that popular trains running in full capacity do not depart in succession from island platforms so as not to cause overcrowding on the platform.

    S K Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division, Central Railway said ” Various measures are being taken for providing a smooth and comfortable journey to Un-reserved passengers.”

    · To enable passengers to board un-reserved compartments in a smooth manner, orderly queues are formed at the old station building with the help of RPF and Ticket Checking Personnel.

    · The unreserved compartments are brought in locked position from maintainence yards under the supervision of RPF staff to ensure that no unauthorised person is occupying any seats prior to berthing of trains.

    · The passengers in line are then escorted on to the platforms in an orderly manner to avoid unnecessary rush and stampede.

    · The passengers are safely allowed to board the unreserved compartments under the supervision of Ticket Checking and RPF staff on first come first serve basis. This has been very comfortable to unreserved passengers, especially Ladies, Children and Sr. Citizens.

    · Such orderly queues are also formed at other nominated areas of platform where unreserved coaches are expected to be positioned.

    These arrangements have enabled trains to depart on time from the Terminus and has led to reduction in the number of Alarm Chain Pulling cases.

    In addition Mechanised cleaning service has been introduced recently to ensure cleanliness and services of Battery operated cars have been introduced for movement of passengers, especially Sr.Citizens and the Differently Abled passengers.

    Other public amenities like manning of enquiry counters, ticket counters, etc are also being supervised. Reservation Ticketing queues especially for Tatkal tickets are being closely monitored with the help of CCTV cameras to identify and eliminate touts.Sunil Udasi, Chief Public Relations Officer, Central Railway said, “In order to provide better  facilities and a comfortable journey to its passengers, Officers and staff of Central Railway are working 24×7 monitoring the various arrangements.”

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