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Grand Launch ceremony, Giants Installed 5 New groups ,In South Mumbai


Giants Group of Mazagaon had broken a world record on the 31st of January 2018 at Elly Kadoorie Hall 1st floor, tarwadi, Mazgoan, by installing 194 new members to the Giants fraternity.

The installation ceremony was hosted by the President Mrs. RASHIDA MAIMOON, accompanied with Federation 1A President *Mrs Nooriya Kathawala* incharge of 35 groups of Mumbai and Unit 2 director Mr Murtaza Ghadiali. The chief guests for the event were Deputy World Chairmen, Mr Nuruddin Sevwala and Mr Shirish Kapadia. All the senior dignatories of the Giants Welfare Foundation were present to motivate them.

They installed 5 new groups with all different identities as under

1. *Giants Group of Mumbai Pearls* – 23 members all differently abled people who came together to prove to the society that being physically disabled wont stop them.from doing social service and that they dont need help but now will in turn help others

2. *Giants Group of Colaba Causeway Saheli* – 29 members all senior citizens ladies sworn in to bring about a massive reformation into the field of women empowerment

3. *Giants Group of Mumbai Hill City* – 26 members all senior citizens took the oath to convert their aging experience to bring about a change in the society

4. *Young Giants Group of Mazagaon* – 73 members all teenagers as a division of Giants Group of Mazagaon have already started planning a lot of high tech projects on awareness programs for the various strata of the society

5. *Mini Giants Group of Mazagaon* – 43 members all under age 14 as a division of Giants Group of Mazagaon took the oath with full enthusiasm to provide help to the needy. Their interaction with the underprivileged will help the children value how blessed they are and doing such type of social work will build in the sense of philanthropy in them which will help them to grow up as better human beings.

It was one of the biggest installation events in the history of Giants where so many people took the oath to take active actions for social improvement.

On this great occasion Mrs Nooriya Kathawala  Federation 1A President ,adressed the Function and said,  ” It is a great achievement for us now 194 people have become our new members of Giants, we were working on this project for many years finally we launched  its a miracle I still can’t believe  now the time has come to work hard more , my hunger does not stop here we will create other groups also it will go on till 2018, our purpose to create this group  is very clear to help poor and needy people, to work hard  and create social awareness among the people ” , Mrs Nooriya Kathawala seemed very excited and was very positive she paid attention to everyone and played a very active role in the Function. She was looking gorgeous in a well designed pink saree  every one wished to her on this great achievement.


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