On Haji Arfat’s birthday day , Maharashtra PWD Minister Eknath Shinde praises him as a ” true friend “.


    By Aleem shaikh

    Fire brand single minority face of Shiv Sena And president of shiv vahtuk sena Haji Arafat shaikh celebrated his birthday at his penthouse kurla.
    It was a great occasion for the party people to meet his leader and wish him. The main highlight of this birthday celebration Party was that Maharashtra PWD Minister Mr. Eknath shinde also visited Haji Arafat home and wished him. He also spent great moments with Haji Arafat. “His relationship with Haji was not new we know each other for the last many years. Our relationship is likefamily” Said Eknath Shinde. Calling Haji as a “true friend” he showed rich praises on Haji Arafat on his birthday.
    The function was attended by city’s businessman ‘ intellectual like M. A patankar, Actor Shezad Khan Municipal counsellor Vaishali Shewale, And Sajid k supariwala and other party workers.



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