Home Central Hello Mumbai News exposes Dharavi’s notorious Drug Dealer Areef Sheikh, runs Drug racket with no fear to law

Hello Mumbai News exposes Dharavi’s notorious Drug Dealer Areef Sheikh, runs Drug racket with no fear to law

Hello Mumbai News exposes Dharavi’s notorious Drug Dealer Areef Sheikh, runs Drug  racket with no fear to law
File picture of Salman Areef again’s close aide who supplies MD drug in local area and Colleges.
File picture of Areef Sheikh notorious Drug Dealer of Dharavi.
Picture of Dharavi’s Subash Chandra Co. HSG society from where Areef runs Drug racket.

The battle against Drug Traffickers Drug Suppliers and Drug Peddlers seem like a loosing battle for both the NCB and ANC in Mumbai.

Notwithstanding, the authority like NCB, ANC carried out raids and busted racket and subsequently arrested many Drug Suppliers, Drug Traffickers and Drug Peddlers in last one year. Ironically, the Drug Suppliers, Drug Traffickers and Drug Peddlers are mindlessly and with no fear to law are cooly operatingtheir drug racket in some parts of Mumbai.

To gather details about this dubious Drug Business, Hello Mumbai News reached Dharavi, Asia’s biggest Slum which is a home to many notorious and those engaged in dubious activities. It came as a shock to the Team to have come across a very notorious and big drug kingpin of Dharavi Areef Sheikh who alongwith his associates was busy selling drug, MD, and Ganja from Kumbharwada
nestled in this densely populated Dharavi Slum.

Undoubtedly,Areef Shaikh is a big name in Mumbai ‘s Drug Business and it is from Dharavi that he operates this clandestine Drug business.

Hello Mumbai News Team interacted with one of the social activists of this area Sohel Smear, who explained the entire story on Areef and his Drug Gang
Areef Shaikh operates this Drug racket from his home Saint Gora Kumar Marg, Tarwadi, 11 Heights ,Subash Nagar CHS, near M. I. Medical, from which location,
he fearlessly runs his drug racket, His prime customer target is college students, youths, and struggling Bollywood actors.

Notably, he is the main MD supplier of Central Mumbai and supplies MD drug among Sophia College, Ruparel College and other colleges with the help of his associates Salman and others. According to Sohail Anwar Sheikh, ever since he dabbled into this Drug Business Racket from our area, our local residents are fed up and have been cribbing on the atmosphere created by the Drug Supplier. Infact our area has emerged as a very dirty location and the younger generation are lured and end up as Drug Addicts because this MD Drug is easily available in our area. To make easy money our local Youth are also joining this notorious Drug Gang to supply drug to other parts of the City.

Sohel Anwar Sheikh further mentioned that many a times, we have complained to Anti Narcotic cell, Mumbai Police and other Higher Authority but to no avail. It is however learnt that the local police station in Dharavi and other staff are in league with Areef Sheikh and helping him to run this drug racket

It is a fervent appeal to the Mumbai Police Commissioner to intervene and arrest this notorious Drug Dealer Areef Sheikh and his goons and get our area freed from the drug racket.

When Hello Mumbai took up this serious issue and put up all facts before Senior Police of Dharavi Police Station, Mrs.Patil who gave a fair response.

She expressed her gratitude to Hello Mumbai News Team for providing the entire details on this Drug dealer Areef Sheikh and his gang.

She said it is but obvious, that we will take up the matter seriously and initiate legal action very soon.

Hello Mumbai News Team also informed Mrs. Lata Sonar, Senior Police Inspector of Anti Narcotics Cell, Ghatkopar. While interacting with Hello Mumbai News Team she said, “earlier my team had arrested him in possession of 35 GM MD Drugs. Now, he wants to be released on bail. It’s for sure that if he continues to.run this drug racket we will take legal action soon”.

Hello Mumbai also tried to contact Mr. Nalavade DCP Anti Narcotics Cell but was not reachable on his mobile.

We hope after publishing this article Dharavi Police and Anti Narcotics Cell will bust this drug racket and arrest all including Areef Sheikh who is the king pin of this drug racket Gang.

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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