How Bookeinstein’s skill focused classes helping children improve communication skills


Learning the Right Way

As parents, when it comes to education, our focus has always been on academics. We want our children to score the highest marks and be toppers. Before the exams, we are after them to study, revise and re-revise to be thorough with their syllabus. Many times, parents enroll children for tuition to help them score better. We all forget that education is not about scoring high marks but building a solid foundation to help children succeed in life. That’s why children who excel in academics often don’t do as well in real life. As a parent, our purpose should be to develop the right skills in our children, to guide them, to help them achieve their goals as they grow up.

The best learning is possible when we enjoy it and are passionate about it. So, studying then doesn’t seem like studying; work doesn’t seem like work.

Communication, one of the most crucial 21st Century life skills, is what differentiates us from various other beings. Our classes at BookEinstein focus on developing strong language and communication skills through fun, interactive and engaging methods. Our program consists of multiple short duration modules of 15 sessions. Each module is a blend of critical reading, vocabulary enhancement, creative writing and public speaking. They are designed so that the children are involved and master the skills taught in the modules. This approach helps make confident learners who can powerfully articulate and express themselves. It provides practical knowledge that they can apply and use in real-world scenarios.

Unfortunately, the pressure of academics makes children lose interest and run away. They become scared, overwhelmed, or unenthusiastic to read, write, or learn. At Bookeinstein, we aim to create a safe, comfortable, nurturing zone where children can use their creativity and imagination to express themselves freely and confidently. This enables them to understand, articulate, read and write better. Our testimonials prove that 🙂

Come join us in creating a world where we teach children in a way they learn better, not the way we find it easier.



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