Home International I.M.O . a great Organisation of the World Says MAYOR of Baltimore USA.

I.M.O . a great Organisation of the World Says MAYOR of Baltimore USA.

I.M.O . a great Organisation of the World Says MAYOR of Baltimore USA.

MAYOR of Baltimore USA.
Wish IMO to Be a World Largest organization and get more n more Success .
MAYOR said that this type of Organization we must Pray for its Success, we can’t pray for other Charity Organization’s success because only few people make Charity to Association or organization and Big part of community or needy people are deprived, So we can’t be a part of their success. if any Charity Association or Organization People Make pray for its success, it means they are praying for their own Benefits.
When ever Charity Organization Work More & More it means our city or our country or our Community Peoples are not surviving well.
IMO guys are doing Amazing work with Amazing Concept ✌
Congratulations to you guys now IMO is Recognized Across the World……. for its work and unique Concept.

We personally wish
IMO – International Memon Organization
will Get Grand Grand Grand Success and they do not work for only Memon Community but they must do for everybody, every Community and Everyone should get Benefit from its Unique and Attractive Concept.

We Strongly Recommend To All Social and welfare Association & Organization to Follow the Concept Of IMO and get a Grate Success in their noble Venture.
IMO – International Memon Organization
Founder Abdulla Haji Iqbal Janoohasan (Gadawala). President Mr Abdul Rahim Janoo, Deputy President Mr Iqbal Memon Officer.
Till date there is 350000/- Memons Members from Across the Globe
IMO Aim and objectives are Unique and doing work for upliftment for Memon Community and Humanity.
1st Ever Services Provideing Organization get naimed and fame from across the globe and mail organization, associations and Jamats need to join IMO and try to make one Umbrella for Entire Memon Community.


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