IBG International Convention held at Someplace Else, Mumbai

IBG International Convention held at Someplace Else, Mumbai

Hello Mumbai News City Desk :

IBG International Convention was held at Someplace Else, Mumbai. It was a delight to catch up budding entrepreneurs who assembled at the convention for a know-how to create business opportunity and to tap the international markets.

Whereas the elite scholars spoke about business opportunities between India & the global world, young entrepreneurs gained actionable business insights for exploiting opportunities in global markets.

Lending ears to the discussion of top notch panelists at the IBG present at the Someplace Else venue proved fruitful for Indian Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Businessmen to help them stay a step- ahead of business and grab opportunities in international markets.

At the convention, Tollah Ubaidi, Economic Consul of Indonesia gave insights on WTO deals/ affairs, Trade Services, Transportation/ Logistics, Food Security, Nutrition, Agriculture, and Multi-lateral affairs.
Notably, Ubaidi acts as a catalyst to promote trade between India and Indonesia.

Little known facts about International Guests and Speakers :

H.E. Dr. Yasukata Fukahori, Consul General – Consulate General of Japan.

He has served in various senior positions within Japan and at Japanese Embassies across the World viz: in United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, and in India. He was a Director in-charge of departments at the MOFA including Asia Regional Cooperation Division, Diplomatic Archives, Asia-Africa Legal Consultative Organization, Asia Regional Policy Division, etc. Infact, Yasukata happens to be the most qualified diplomat for furthering trade between India and Japan.

H.E. Consul General Ali Tolga Kaya, Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey

As a senior diplomat, he has represented Turkey at multiple Forums, Embassies and Organizations. Ali is one of the most influential voices promoting transcontinental trade between India and Turkey.;

H.E. Ralph Hays, Consul General of New Zealand shared perspective on the Indian Opportunity on sectors like tourism, FTAs, investment, bilateral trade, technology, agri-tech, food & beverage industry etc.

News Edited by K.V. Raman

News Compiled by Sejal Bhise


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