Ibrahim Bhaijaan Appeals to Mumbaikar Don’t Play DJ on Eid-E Milad Juloos.


    By Aleem Shaikh

    Today is very important day for the Muslim community, all over the world today Eid-E Milad festival is being celebrated with happiness and joy.
    The financial capital of india Mumbai also very much busy to celebrate the Eid-E Milad and preparing procession (Juloos).
    Haji Ibrahim Shaikh (Bhaijaan) Ex President of Maharashtra state Haj Committe and Member of Central Haj Committe says , This festival very important for us this Eid-Milad is bigger than other Eid on this auspicious day our Prophet Mohammad came in the world with massege of Peace and the whole world today following of their guidance .”
    Ibrahim Bhai Jaan also appealed to all Mumbakars don’t play Dj and any loud music during procession which starts from the historic Khilafat House in Bycullaha, better sing the Islamic Aayt, Naat -E Paak and Maulood. Because Playing DJ is unislamic Islam doesn’t allow to do such Haraam things. We are doing campaign against this for the last many years but now people awared and it is almost controlled .It happened because of continuous efforts of all Muslim clerics, relegious leaders.
    Ibrahim Bhai Jaan who is also president of religious NGO “Jamate Razaaye Musrafa under its banner organise 10 day Islamic seminar in Mumbai in this seminar all cleric take part across Maharashtra they deliver speech about prophet Mohammad snd Islam thousands of people take part in this seminar.
    Ibrahim Bhaijaan wishes Eid -E Milad to everyone on this special occasion.



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