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Iftar party organised by Maseeha for the poor and needy children in South Mumbai.


 Aleem Shaikh :

Ramadan is the most precious month in the Islamic Calendar and it is obligatory for the Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month in which Allah Almighty opens his doors of mercy , forgiveness and blessings upon Muslims.  A city base Ngo ” Maseeha ” famous for its charity work among the poor and needy people has organised a iftaar party for the poor and needy children in South Mumbai which got overwhelming response.

 Ramadan is the time of giving and sharing, especially with those who are less fortunate. Maseeha’s Ramdhaan Charity Drive of Iftaar for Orphan Children by Maseeha Team Members on 17th June, went out Successful. The Orphan children relished their Iftaar Dinner with Smiles on their faces and to hearts content they were very Happy. Seeing their happiness brought Peace & happiness to The Maseeha Organisers.

Mr Shadab Shah and Mr Alfan Lakdawalla, Mr Shaikh Shakil Rustam, Mr Mohsin Khan carried all the Eatables to the Orphanage. They helped in getting the Iftaar Dastarkhaaan ready for the Orphan children & served them well.
Thanks to Mrs Sugra Anwar Loya for organizing the food and stuffs on time. And thanks to Mrs Seema Javed Khan for her contribution in this Iftaar dinner.
Good Job done by Maseeha Boys & it’s Team.
Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora the President of Maseeha Trust was very happy with the success of this Charity Ramdhaan Iftaar dinner for Orphan Children.

Dr.Mariam Shakir Hingora, President of Maseeha who is now in Saudi Arabia speaking with ” Hello Mumbai ” over phone said, ” Islam always advise it’s followers to give plenty of charities especially during the Month of Ramadan, Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community , with people gathering to break fast together. We believe that feeding someone Iftar as a form of charity is very pleasing and that such was practiced by the prophet Muhammad. It is very gratifying to feed people .Feeding a fasting person in particular is much more rewarding .such a person receives as many rewards as the fasting person receives without any reduction in the reward of the fasting person .My team has done a wonderful job I am proud of them. , Said Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora.



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