Home Art & Culture IIID Bengaluru chapter to host ‘DesignUru 3.0’ to promote local artisans – The grand 8- day design festival to be held from Dec 15- 22

IIID Bengaluru chapter to host ‘DesignUru 3.0’ to promote local artisans – The grand 8- day design festival to be held from Dec 15- 22

IIID Bengaluru chapter to host ‘DesignUru 3.0’ to promote local artisans – The grand 8- day design festival to be held from Dec 15- 22

The theme of DesignUru 3.0 is ‘ Vocal for Local’ & ’Save the Artisans’

Bengaluru, December 9, 2021: The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), a non-profit organization focused on promoting architecture and design, will be hosting the third edition of DesignUru 3.0, which will be held from 15th December to 22 December 2021 at the Rangoli Centre, M G Road, Bengaluru.

DesignUru 3.0 is an 8- day grand design festival focused on the Government of India initiative ‘vocal for local’ by promoting local artisans and handcrafted work. The various themes of this design fest are ‘ Vocal for Local’, ‘Save the Artisans’ & ‘ Sustainable Architecture’

Announcing this at a press conference, Architect Kavita Sastry, Chairperson of IIID BRC said, “This Design Fest is organized to promote Make In India Initiative by using locally available materials and helping and promoting local artisans from across the states. We have tied up with organisations working at ground level with artisans. At IIID BRC, we encourage local artisans to collaborate with Architects and Industry to make their network strong and promote their products,” she added.

Each of the 4 participating organisations are from Karnataka and will be hosting a two day participatory workshops / demonstrations involving the traditional artisans during the Design festival week. The week long design festival will also host a crafts bazaar by Naisargik Santhe, supporting the works of artisans. The design festival will have three, week-long exhibitions; one is an exhibition hosted by IUDI on urban design. Second is an exhibition of restoration works done by INTACH. The third is the exhibition of a competition hosted by IGBC curated by team Mistry.

“The design festival will also have 2 installations-one made from waste, which will serve as an area to host workshops, interactions, presentations. This is erected by ASSOCHAM GEM Karnataka Chapter. The second installation is an experimental stone structure created using interlocking technique without cement by Architect Senthil Kumar,” apprised Kavita Sastry.

The 8 – day fest promises to be an educative series for architecture and design students.

The keynote speaker of Design Uru 3.0 Architect Anupama Kundoo ,the RIBA Charles Jencks award winner.

Dinesh Verma, Immediate Past Chairperson , IIID and Gayathri Shetty, National Joint Secretary also addressed the press conference.

About IIID:

The Institute of Indian Interior Designers, popularly called I.I.I.D; was founded in 1972 to establish good professional & trade practices and ethics amongst its members and to highlight and enhance the image of the Interior Design Profession and exchange know‐how with similar organizations within the country & abroad. IIID is a member of APSDA : Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance.

Today, with over 8,000 members in 31 chapters & centres across India, IIID is true representative of the Interior Design fraternity within the country as well as globally. IIID has well defined aims and objectives towards fulfilment of its duties towards the fraternity & profession and society at large.


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