Indian Businessman from Winnipeg Canada Hemant M Shah, Congratulates PM Modi On His Election Victory

Hemat M Shah with PM Modi ( when he was CM of Gujarat ).

File Picture of Hemant M Shah with Narendra Modi .(when he Was CM of Gujarat ).

*PM Modi Ji*
Greetings From Winnipeg Canada 🇨🇦🇮🇳
If the intention is gold then we surely have a 24 carat prime minister!

Heartiest congratulations Mr. Modi for winning hearts across the globe and once again being elected as the PM of the largest democracy. It is not just your win, it is the victory of every honest common indian.
I am sure, the country will thrive under your leadership and we as a country will reach new horizons of success.
Big Congratulations!
Hemant M.Shah
Winnipeg Canada


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