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Indo Arab Society Bachao Panel Released Manifesto

Indo Arab Society Bachao Panel Released Manifesto

Manifesto of the IAS Bachao Panel:


Respected Members of the Indo Arab Society,
Every two years the Society Members are given a free hand, a Constitutional right and opportunity to elect the Respective Office Bearers and the rest of the Managing Committee. This Committee would not only administer this August Body, but also expose the Honourable Members to the beautiful world of the Middle East; its art and culture, trade and commerce, education, health, tourism and the foremost Friendship. Besides this, there are manyother issues of the Arab and Other Middle East, which reflect on National and International Relations, which not only affect the Arab and Other Middle East, but also India which is a continuous landmass, and has humongous love and friendship for these Neighbours in Asia, as they have high stakes in personal interests.
It has been observed and experienced during the last two terms of total four years, when the quality of leadership of some office bearers was bereft of the core essence of our esteemed Society leaving much to be desired. Lacking finesse, diplomacy, moral ethics, humility, administrative acumen and all that is the quality one expects from persons of such stations in life. However good or capable a leader of the organisation maybe, it is the impeccable quality of the lower rungs of the ladder to deliver the final product. But then if we appropriated those office bearers which lacked dignity, ability, reputable standing and required quality of education of life, we are equally responsible and should reap its fallout results. All such qualities were lacking sometime and somewhere in the past. This led to much cause of sufferance, acrimony, rudderless following, and resulting into the degradation of the image, prestige, standing and the very existence of this August Society.
As per the Chambers Dictionary Manifesto means: A public written declaration of the intentions, opinions or motives of a ruler or a leader, a party or a body.
Today we declare our Manifesto as follows as a Pledge:
1) We pledge to play a fair and honourable part in this present Election to the Office Bearers and Managing Committee of The Indo Arab Society.
2) We pledge to adhere to the Constitution of our Society.
3) We pledge to accept the results of the election with respect to the majority consents of the elective General Body.
4) We pledge to periodically conduct the minimum Managing Committee Meetings as per the Constitution to fulfil its Constitutional Obligations.
5) We pledge to periodically conduct the programmes of the General Body of the Society, for the benefits of its Members and for their interactions with our Consular Friends, Established Dignitaries of Public Life, Distinguished Members of the National and International Diaspora, which can enlighten the Society and be a beacon for its future prosperity.
6) We pledge to make all efforts to establish a permanent office of the Indo Arab Society, with the help of the General Body, which is the need of the day.
7) We pledge to cleanse the cobwebs of the administration working and bring it to the level of that of a Corporate Body.
8) We pledge to bring total transparency, honesty and respectful accountability in the working of our Society.
9) We pledge to throw open the doors of the Society to all meaningful, constitutional , practical and dignified suggestions of the Members for the smooth running of our Society.
10) We pledge to bring back the dignity, glory, reputation, and relevance of the Indo Arab Society, not only to its former glory but even to surpass it in the future.
This Manifesto is a joint declaration and appeal by all our Panel Members standing for this Election.


Sincere regards


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