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Indo Canadian Businessman Hemant M Shah writes a letter to canada pm

Indo Canadian Businessman Hemant M Shah writes a letter to canada pm

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
80, Wellington Street
Ottawa ON K1A OA2

Dear Prime Minister, Trudeau
Greetings from Winnipeg.  I write this letter with a heavy heart seeing my beloved workplace, Canada, and the land of my birth India, at cross purposes.  I understand there are political differences between Canada and India, but I am sure the leadership of the two countries can find a solution for the interest of the people of the two countries.

I have worked for more than 48 years, relentlessly promoting Canadian goods and services in India.  And also influencing a large number of Indian students coming to Canada for higher education.  Apart from me, a lot of other individuals and organizations have also worked tirelessly to cultivate Canada and India ties.  Namely many many Canadian business people, Canadian industries, Canadian and Indian business councils, Chambers of Commerce, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the India Trade Development Committee, Canadian government officials, many Canadian bureaucrats, The Department of Foreign Affairs, The Trade Commissioner Service, and millions of individuals of the Indian diaspora, spread across Canada.
Canada and India have had a strong business bond which started in 1965 when the first Prime Minister of India, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, visited Canada. Our business ties have flourished with India from then on.  India and Canada compliment each other’s needs.

As a Canadian senior citizen, having spent my entire lifetime promoting Canada and India trade, I humbly request that you not allow the trading between the two countries to be affected, amidst the political stand off. Trade is the engine which promotes growth and prosperity and also finds solutions to larger problems as well.  Canada has given me so much and am indeed proud of Canada’s commitment to multi culturism, unity in diversity, tolerance and human values.
I came to Canada, my adopted home, four decades ago as a young boy from Mumbai India. In spite of my country of origin, I never felt unwelcomed. I worked hard to form a strong and vibrant trade connection between my mother land India and my adopted home Canada.  This was only possible with the help of the Canadian government, the bureaucrats, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Trade Commissioner Service.

I am very emotional at this time as I feel my two parents, Canada, and India, are fighting.  I am indeed pained by this development. I humbly appeal to you, in the interest of millions like me in Canada, to encourage and support the trade between my two countries, in spite the tense, current situation.  Concomitantly, I would also expect the Indian leadership to look at this aspect positively and continue to work on developing trade. I will be requesting the same from the Indian Prime Minister.

I conclude sir, with hope for re establishing the glorious ties between Canada and India… all for the benefit of our future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Hemant M. Shah
Winnipeg, Canada.

CC:  Mr. Terry Duguid
Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Special Advisor for Water
Govt Of Canada
Mr. Cameron MacKay
High Commissioner for Canada in India

Enclosed :


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