Insaniyat Abhiyan Is My life’s Mission: Mufti Saalim Yamni chaus.


    By Aleem Shaikh :
    A well known spiritual leader and famous for his Mission “Insaniyat Abhiyan” Mufti Saalim Yamni is going to organize a conference on 17 December in the western suburb of Mumbai. Mufti Saalim Yamni is working on this mission since 2010 and has organized almost 15 conferences across India from Kashmir to south India This Insaniyat Conference is getting very much response from each and every corner of the country.
    ” Insaniyat Abhiyan conference is my life’s mission my intention to create national integrity and spread the message of Peace among the Indian people earlier we have organised such function in Govandi also and got a good response, this time we are also getting a good response , We have invited people from the different community and all of them welcomed our concept and supporting us ” Said Mufti Saalim Yamni, founder of Al Insaf Public Foundation .
    Faisal Banaraswala ( Mumbai Unit President, Al Insaf Public Foundation) says we are getting a good response from all community people because today our nation needs unity and our conference “Insaniyat Abhiyan ” clearly give the message of Peace.
    Manoj Pandey, Yuva president, North East district president of Al Insaf Public Foundation says this conference will create a good and positive atmosphere among the Mumbaikar, on one stage all spiritual leader from different communities will give a message of Peace, everyone is supporting us. Mufti Saalim Yamni chaus know as Khadim-E-Insaniyat also received Ekta award at the hands of Mumbai police commissioner on the eve of Eid-Milad recently.



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