International Memon Organization hosted grand events in Kenya for the Memon community


The International Memon Organization hosted grand events in Kenya for the Memon community.

1) IMO Awards.
2) IM2M – International Memon to Memon Business Conference.
3) IME – International Memon Expo.
3) IMO 5th AGM.
4) Family Get together.
5) IMO-Kenya Book Launching Ceremony.
6) IMO received warm Welcome from Nasarpuriya Jamats in Nairobi with Dinner.
7) IMO received warm Welcome by Mombasa Jamats with Grand Luncheon.

IMO is the largest Memon organization in the world with 1.3 million life members globally and is active in many countries.

IMO received over whelming response from the community. This was the first IMO events in Kenya where in Many government officials, MP’s, High Commission, Councilor & Memon dignitaries was present as Chief Guest & Guest of Honor, while Team IMO Kenya & Central Board was present.

IMO Kenya Committee Members Hosted such a Remarkable event and added *one more Feather in IMO’s Memories.*

Brother Mr. Shamir Yakub delivered the welcome address and thanked all the participants for coming to the event by IMO Founder & President Mr Abdulla Gadawala (Janoohasan).

IMO Deputy President Mr Asif Majeed announced that he try his level best to unite all memons from across the globe.

IMO Young Memon President Mr Farhan Pardesi Announced that IMO Young Memon is going to organize InsaAllah, Young Memon Business Entrepreneur Conference on 28th January 2023 at Dubai, UAE.

GS Tayyab Moosani address community and update about IMO Aim & objectives and also announced IMO next AGM (2023) will take place in Tanzania.



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