Home International Iran Culture House Mumbai organises Seminar on 34th anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini, vanguard of Islamic Revolution

Iran Culture House Mumbai organises Seminar on 34th anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini, vanguard of Islamic Revolution

Iran Culture House Mumbai organises Seminar on 34th anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini, vanguard of Islamic Revolution

Iranians commemorate the 34th anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini, vanguard of Islamic Revolution, political and spiritual leader who led the nation’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and transformed the script of history not just in Iran but also in the broader region.

On the occasion the Culture House of the I. Rep. Of Iran in Mumbai, organised a Seminar in South Mumbai which witnessed the attendance by various Islamic Scholars, Muslim Spiritual leaders, Journalists and Intellectuals from various religions.The seminar’s main impetus was to focus and to reminisce the mission of vision of Imam Khomeini’s Islamic
Revolution which scripted history in the World.

This Seminar was anchored by Maulana Zahir Abaas and commenced with Video Clip of Imam Khomeini’s memorable Revolution and Movement.
Soon after this Amanillah Sayadi Director Iran Culture House, Mumbai addressed the audience .

Amidst addressing the audience Amanillah Sayedi at first welcomed all the
Islamic Scholars and Guests who attended the event.

As a director of Iran Culture House the prime purpose of the Seminar is to convey the factual message of Imam Khomeini.
Iman Khomeini was a luminary of the world. Imam Khomeini firmly believed in humanity.

He once again expressed his gesture to Muslim scholars from different sect who attended the event and urged all to be kind enough to spread this message in social media and in all platforms and
and Analysts of Imam Khomeini on religious Seminar.

Mohammad Abulfazl Alikhani
Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of IRAN Mumbai shared his message via Video Clip in which he expressed his views,

“The world can’t forget Imam Sahab and his historical Islamic revolution. He truly believes in humanity love and peace and showed the right path of Allah to all mankind. Through this 34th Death anniversary of Imam Sahab we want to convey his message to the whole world and our tile of seminar “Analysis of Imam Khomeini’s Revolution itself conveys the message of peace and love which we want to spread across the world.

Dr Salim Khan:
Senior leader of Jamate Islami and Urdu journalist also expressed his views.
My gratitude to my great leader
Imam Khomeini whose slogan was very much clear.
“God is one to all” religion is a global and universal thought of Imam Khomeini.
It also narrates on the society.

He expressed his views and highlighted few points of Imam Khomeini’s Revolution and History.He quoted ” I saw this Islamic Revolution very closely and it has not only changed only Iran but also the world and spread the true message of God Imam Sahab who sacrificed his precious life as well his son’s life to spread the message of God.

Now we are getting the positive results of his movements. We accept Imam Sahab’s ideology and are following it.
I pray to God to reward the best to him.

Nitesh Kataria Social Activist said “I respect him a lot and offer my sincere prayers to him.
Imam sahab implemented rules of Allaha

Father Stephen Ravi Kumar Social Activist said “I heartily
pay rich tributes to Imam Khomeini and remember his sacrifices for Islamic Revolution

Two worlds of Imam Sahab
Republic is strong democratic country.Iran should continue Imam Sahab’s message
Mohammad Wajihuddin senior journalist Times of India quoted
“I visited Imam Sahab House in Iran, so simple so humble, lives with his own library. He instilled Power to the people. He wasn’t a dictator, but was a real revolutionary man. He left an impact in the whole just not in Iran.The biggest impact is that his revolution brought together Shia and Sunni Muslims under one umbrella and bridged the the Gap amidst two Community. Imam Sahab conveyed a message of unity and tolerence to muslim. We need to cluster and come on forward on occasions.

Sarfraaz Aarzoo Editor of Roznama Daily Hindustan:
Imam sahab left many impression in me.
Iran has become stronger in many fields. I know that literacy is 90 percent.
This revolution changed the thought process of every one. We will never forget his sacrifices to the whole world.Imam Sahab was true believer in humanity and followed the path of Allah. He showed us how to follow Islam.
Shezada Mustafa Sayed from Bohra Community Youth religious leader :
Our Community is small but United. We also learnt a lot from Imam Sahab and we follow his path. In our life Imam Sahab guided us how to lead a better Life with Religion .
He emerged as a supreme leader. He modernized Iran.He was convinced the people and took them into confidence.
His thoughts were based on Islam.
He made Iran a proper Islamic state. He believes Muslims should live in Islamic governance. We all should spread the message of Imam.

Maulana Akhtar Abaas: Islamic Scholar Shia community from Lucknow:
Imam Sahab not only impacted Iran but the whole world. He transformed the lives of youngsters in the whole world.Imam Sahab was always concerned on the exploitation of people everywhere in the world.
Imam Sahab sanctified his son’s Life.Imam Sahab always fought against corrupt system.
He focused three important things.
1 He always does for Allaha
2: He never thinks about results but always believes in duty.He always takes care on ibaadat.
3:He was never scared of anyone .After 34 years his impact still continues in the world.

Manoj Machande Social Activist:
We call Imam sahab india’s Maha purush.
Imam Sahan spread a message of love and peace.Indian culture is very diversified.Imam Sahab’s mesage is we all should spread continue Imam Khomeini’s movement.

In the Conclusion part of the Seminar all guests paid tribute to Imam Khomeni Sahab.


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