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Is Maharashtra Safe? AAP Ask Goverment

Is Maharashtra Safe? AAP Ask Goverment

Law and order seems to have broken down in Maharashtra completely and the antics of Maharashtra Police have created a sense of fear amongst the citizens – are they capable of safeguarding our state?  In the past few months there has been a spike in criminal activities. Horrific rapes on children and attacks on police officers themselves have shaken the confidence of us citizens. If that was not enough, there is a creeping fear that the current government is cosy with criminals.

  1. The BJP Government removed Eknath Khadse as Minister after he was mired in controversies which included an allegation that his number is frequently dialed from Dawood Ibrahim’s land line in Karachi.
  2. Then there is the case of Daya Nayak, BJP government has reinstated him without even completing the inquiry and investigation into various charges against him.
  3. Riyaz Bhati, a known Dawood aide who is allegedly close to Ashish Shelar, has been made Vice President of  the Gymnastic Federation of India and is a member of the MCA.
  4. Earlier a history sheeter bookie Anil Jaisinghani was given police protection by Mumbai Police! While in opposition, Devendra Fadnavis and Ranjit Patil had raised objection to his police protection and got it removed, but rewarded him with the same when they came to power.
  5. Then came the episode of noted criminal Baba Bodke seen in banners and photographs with the Chief Minster himself!

Now a photograph has surfaced of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with notorious criminal and terrorist Akbar Hussain alias Raju Batla. The photograph is attached. Raju Batla is a history sheeter who has 23 cases registered against him – smuggling, extortion, attempt to murder and murder (record is attached). However, he shot to national fame when he was arrested in a conspiracy to assassinate BJP Leader L K Advani. His current status is that he is externed by the police, also called tadipar in Mumbai lingo. Why should such a man be externed only – why is he not be in jail?! The most ridiculous part is he lives in Govandi in plain sight and continues business as usual with little heed to the tadipar order. His wife Khairunissa Hussain is a Congress Corporator from this area and her only claim to fame is she was caught travelling to BMC in car stolen from a high profile lawyer!

Why is the CM seen in terrorist Raju Batla’s company? If Mumbai Police cannot protect our Chief Minister from such sinister criminals how will they ever protect the aam aadmi? The Aam Aadmi Party is concerned about the safety of our Chief Minister and we demand that this photo be verified and those responsible for letting the criminal get so close to the CM be held accountable. Or is the picture indication of something more sinister?

All this points to only one thing, it is urgent and important that a stock be taken of the maharashtra Home Department and police force. With an IG threatening suicide and former Commissioner being interrogated by the CBI, a headless ACB, we have lost all confidence in the ability of the Maharashtra Police.


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