Islamic Board Welcomes Central Government’s 5 year ban on PFI

Islamic Board Welcomes Central Government’s 5 year ban on PFI


The PFI emerged as a burning issue and the Government has taken the landmark move to ban the outfit for five years.

The Sufi Islamic Board, a Nationalist Organization in the forefront of the war against terrorism on Wednesday welcomed the Central government’s landmark move to impose ban on the Popular Front of India, (PFI).

The Sufi Islamic Board’s National Spokesperson Kashish Wasi says that PFI is an organisation “defamed Islam, defied its teachings and radicalised Muslim youth” of the country. He called the Central Government’s move a victory for the community. PFI misused the term ‘jihad’ against the country.

Sufi Islamic Board is the one and only organisation in India to tackle Popular Front Of India PFI by its horns.

The Sufi Islamic Board is a Nationalist Organization in the forefront of the war against terrorism. The Constitutional duty as stipulated in Article 51A (c) to uphold and protect the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity Of India, has motivated us to countering radical thoughts in our Nation. Sufi Islamic Board is a body of Trusts and Individuals working for National Integration and for the promotion of Sufi Culture in India. The Board which is active in 27 States in 320 Districts of India has been actively campaigning against Organisations like PFI and other such organisations trying to Radicalize the youth of the Nation.

Notably, Sufi Islamic Board has been campaigning against the Popular Front of India since many years since the organisation was creating False Narrative amongst the Indian Muslims to go against the Nation. They used to incite the Muslims Masses and make them go against the Government and the administration after which cases were made on them and they were prosecuted and faced trial.

In the Campaign against PFI Sufi Islamic Board has made representations to the Hon’ble President of India, The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and The Hon’ble Home Minister of India and various other Law Enforcing Agencies of our Nation from the year 2020 till date many times on various issues to Ban PFI pan India.

In 2020 the Sufi Islamic Board organised a National Security Dharna in Kanpur from where the organisation submitted Memorandum to the Hon’ble Home Minister of India requesting him to deal with the organisations stringently.

In the same year in November a Press Conference was convened at Lucknow Press Club from where it was announced that SIB will emerge on a Nationwide Campaign against The Popular Front of India that will continue till it is banned pan India.

In the same year Sufi Islamic Board raked up the issue of PFI at an International Webinar on the Platform of South India Democratic Forum, SADF from Brussels.

Sufi Islamic Board has successfully run many tweeter trends against PFI which trended on the Twitter platform on first position for hours.

In the year 2021, a Postcard campaign was organised in which Thousands of postcard from across the Nation were sent to the Hon’ble Home Minister of India to Ban PFI pan India.

The Board also addressed a letter to the Income Tax Commissioner, New Delhi to cancel the 80g Certificate of Popular Front of India on which action was taken and subsequently it got cancelled the Income Tax Department.

Sufi Islamic Board had also addressed letter to the Registrar of Societies seeking cancellation of the registration of PFI for flouting the undertaking submitted by it to not conduct any activity against our Nation.

When Twitter approved a blue tick to PFI verifing the twitter handle of Popular Front of India Karnataka wing Sufi Islamic Board registered a complaint against twitter and asked them to cancel the verified blue tick alloted to them.

Last year in June, Sufi Islamic Board recieved a letter from PFI office bearer Kamal Khan of a threat to behead the National President Mansoor Khan and some other office Executive Members of the Sufi Islamic Board.

To create an awareness to the PFI misdeeds among the masses, Sufi Islamic Board came out with a booklet in which many of their criminal activities were highlighted and distributed thousands of copies to Lawmakers ,Politicians , Administrator and the General Public at large. Through the booklet an appeal was also made to mobilize support to Sufi Islamic Board against PFI so that they be banned pan India. This booklet campaign was sucessfuly executed pan India for more than 3 months.

Against the “Save the Republic Campaign” run by PFI the SIB ran a “Celebrate The Republic” campaign throughout India on the completion of 75 years of Republic.

Against the PFI’s Unity March in Tamilnadu Sufi Islamic Board wrote to the DGP of the State to cancell the permission to them. Anticipating that the PFI would not follow the directions of the Police SIB approached the Hon’ble High Court of Madras and ultimately got the Unity March cancelled.

After the above incident, three advocates on behalf of PFI served a Defamation Notice to Sufi Islamic Board. However, Sufi Islamic Board gave a fitting replythrough its Legal Advisor Y. Shaukat Ali mentioning in details of their involvement with Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, IHH and Al Qaeda. The PFI never denied to any of the claims of the Sufi Islamic Board.

An International Terrorist Mohammad Ibne Abdullah Al Massari an Al Qaeda ideolog has taken Asylum in London. He has written many blogs in favour of PFI in which he has advised the PFI on how to defy the ban (If imposed) and regroup as an army to fight the Indian Authorities. He has also advised the PFI how to generate funds through crypto currencies and how to allign with other banned organisations in India to fight against our Nation. This Al Massari has issued Fatwas against Sufi Islamic Board members and asked the PFI to kill them Militarily. Though these Letters were shared on the twitter accounts of Al Massari ( @almass3ari ) and Wolf of the Ummah ( account banned by twitter ) the PFI twitter handle ( @PFIOfficial ) has been tagged in all the tweets but PFI has never denied the contents of the letters or condemned the any manner.

All the above activities against PFI of Sufi Islamic Board have been executed by the team of SIB which is active Pan India.

These are a few important tasks executed by Sufi Islamic Board in their efforts to get the PFI Proscribed pan India.

Sufi Islamic Board is once again thankful to the Government of India to ban PFI. This landmark move will save many Muslims from being misguided by PFI radicalism and inturn will make our Nation a better place to live in for our future generations to come.

ews Edit: K.V.Raman


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