Home National Justice Loya’s case shame on Government of Maharashtra alleged AVP Chief Shamsher khan pathan

Justice Loya’s case shame on Government of Maharashtra alleged AVP Chief Shamsher khan pathan

Justice Loya’s case shame on Government of Maharashtra alleged AVP Chief Shamsher khan pathan

Justice Loya’s case. Shame on Government of Maharashtra.
Today 16.1.18, Justice Liya case is being heard in Supreme court. Government of Maharashtra submitted it’s report in most confidential manner in sealed envelope with the instructions to the court that report shouldn’t be shared with petitioner as it contains some sensational material, which shouldn’t be public , but Supreme court said that copy be given to petitioner and let people of India knows 5he real fact behind this episode.
It’s shameful act on part of Government of Maharashtra to hide report from public as this matter is important. If there was no foul play, no murder , than why to maintain secrecy? What sensitive information must be there if no case against anyone? It seems that some fishy things are going on.
Yesterday I saw debate on TimesNow. This channel was bent upon to give clean chit to Amit Shah without going neutral on the merit of case. They showed ECG report which shows some changes,which showed that Justice Liya had suffered heart attack. Most surprisingly the date mentioned in report is 2 days prior to the admission of Justice Liya in Dande Hospital. Than said there was programme mistake hence date id earlier. Most shocking thing is that no name patient Justice Loya is mentioned on ECG but name of ‘Dande Hospital’ is hand written on ECG report, which is very very suspicious. Every hospital keeps ECG machines of 2 type. One type is ordinary which only give ECG print without date and time and name of hospital and patient.second one is advanced which gives names of hospital, patient and suggest report also. But this ECG machine is something different with faulty program. Which can’t be relied upon. In PM report cause 9f death is given and Anchor Rahul Shivshankar was commenting on it as if he is top most doctor 9f India. Than showed police officer saying that no foul play was there in this death. Is Times Now fool? When central government and state government are of this “Clean chit” move, who is this police man to justify? Can any police officer or IO will talk against the government?
The Press Conference conducted by son of Justice Loya was farce. Immature boy was placed before press with government narrative to give clean chit to BJP. Advocate was instructing that boy to answer press. It was worst show by in government sponsored press conference. Why government want to thwart probe into this if they are honest. Let truth be known to all in true sense.
TimesNow should act matured and impartial. They should have called eminent Lawyer,Doctor and retired police officer to debate such issue. But as Times Now is working on the narrative drafted by BJP. If I would’ve been in panel yesterday on this debate, I would’ve demolished government narrative to give clean chit to this episode.
Hope Supreme court will appoint a team of honest doctors, police officers with sitting Supreme court judge supervising the probe on day to day basis.
Government must cooperate with Supreme court to find out truth in either way.
Satye mev Jayete
Shamsherkhan Pathan
ACP Retd.
Awami Vikas Party.


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