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Kamala Mills fire tragedy Bmc officials of ‘G’ South responsible report says


After one month of Kamala Mills fire tragedy in which 14 people died Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta submitted the final report to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday, in report Mc admitted complete failure of the corrupt system of local Bmc ‘G’ south. The report clearly states the permission given to pub 1 Above and Mojo’s Bistro by Local Bmc Authority’s, officials did not follow the norms properly ,there was a failure of compliance at multiple levels. Various Bmc Department like Fire Brigade and building and factories failed to take action on the irregularities despite being awre of them since the action had been taken on the same. The official from ‘G’ south were clearly aware of the violations but to chose to turn a blind eye. The conclusion part of the report shows there was serious negligence and connivance on the part of officials. Although five Bmc officials from ‘G’ south is already suspended Assistant Municipal Commissioner of’G’ south already transferred to ‘K’ East. Let’s us what further action against the corrupt Bmc officials after submitting this report.In report pub owners also responsible for violating the Bmc and Fire norms and owner of Kamala Mills, Archetics and others.


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