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Kamala Mills Tragedy Avp Chief Shamsher Pathan Demands BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta Must Be Transfer, Set Up SIT


Biggest Corrupt Dept is BMC. Fadnavis must form SIT to dig out Big Monster from BMC offices.
BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta must be transferred for slack supervision.


Report appeared in today’s TOI. The interrogation with accused arrested in Kamla mill compound revealed that BMC officials took HUGE bribe many a time from the owner of Restaurant. They never named police official in this corruption racket. On 2nd january I gave live vdo and mentioned this fact that BMC is biggest Corrupt Dept and not afraid of anyone as their Bosses are involved in huge corruption. BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta be transferred at once as till today he didn’t find out corruption in atleast Kamla mill fire, though the matter is very hot. It’s police who are instrumental in finding high level corruption in BMC. Now Honest CM must put his leg in the shoe and must start crusade against huge corruption racket in BMC. CM must form a team of Honest officers to dig out real Big Monster from BMC offices and to kill it. All concerned and corrupt BMC man including their superiors must be arrested at once in Kamla mill fire case and to see that whether MCOCA can be invoked against this criminal syndicate of white collar buisness man,BMC authority and land owners.


Let me confess that there is corruption in police department. But whenever anyone approach superior police officers against corruption and high handedness ,the lower rank police officers get Panicky and act properly. But BMC officers specially ward officers and Jr Engineer never afraid of complaints and continued their corrupt practice. I had personal experience that even complaint to superior like BMC Commissioner and ADDL. Commissioner, they continued their corrupt practice and tried to help illegal work to be regularised.

I had made complaints of huge illegalities against 5 Project of #Tabrez@Firaun. But small action is taken for time being and again that illegal construction was done. I had given several complaints to BMC Commissioner but he also show blind eyes to it. Huge illegal construction was shown with BMC plan and photographs but no action so far. On the contrary illegal occupation of land was made regular. I am just watching to see for some days and will start big agitation against BMC and will see that criminal nexus between BMC and criminal builders are finished. But for this purpose an honest BMC Commissioner is required.

CM Fadnavis must transfer Ajoy Mehta from the post for slack supervision in huge bribe matter in Kamla mill. It’s tip of iceberg, biggest Corrupt deals of BMC must be in hidden files.

Hope CM Fadnavis will act fast into this by arresting all corrupt BMC officers involved in Kamla mill corrupt racket and by transferring present municipal commissioner who is incompetent and shielding corrupt officers. Will CM act fast so that afterward we can Chant….
Satye mev Jayete.


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