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Kangana On Prime Time, Rhea In Jail; #SSR Case? What’s That? By RKB

Kangana On Prime Time, Rhea In Jail; #SSR Case? What’s That? By RKB
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🥀If alcohol had been illegal more than half the wives and girlfriends whose husbands and boyfriends died of cirrhosis of the liver would be in jail!
🥀So what have we got?
🥀After the “HEX-LUSIVE” “in-your-face” “intravenous-investigation ” of “SCREECHING TV”?
🥀Sushant Singh Rajput didn’t have ₹15 crore
🥀So Rhea Chakraborty couldn’t have stolen it
🥀Sushant Singh Rajput smoked weed
🥀Rhea arranged for some weed for Sushant
🥀Both sometimes smoked weed together
🥀Rhea Chakraborty is therefore charged with procuring and smoking weed!
🥀The things people do for love!
🥀And that begs the question where does Kangana Ranaut fit into all this?
🥀She is a self confessed drug addict
🥀But she is not in jail
🥀That’s because she was not in love with Sushant Singh Rajput
🥀And whatever drugs she did, she did with people other than Sushant Singh Rajput
🥀In effect its OK to smoke weed or do drugs as long as you didn’t do it with the Sushant Singh Rajput?
🥀Now is that the reason why Kangana Ranaut compared Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?
🥀Legend has it the best weed in the world comes from PoK
🥀Maybe she was confused!
🥀I know I am confused!
🥀The case is of abetment to suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput
🥀As in his weed smoking led him to hang himself front a ceiling fan that was not high enough (I have always hated ceiling fans)
🥀That’s where Kangana Ranaut…OUCH NO!!!!…that’s where Rhea Chakraborty is allegedly involved in procuring and smoking the weed that led Sushant to kill himself
🥀And Kangana Ranaut?
🥀Did she smoke the same weed?
🥀No she didn’t
🥀Was she part of this weed smoking threesome zonked out of their minds with Goa fumes?
🥀Again you’ve got me there…she didn’t even know SSR or Rhea Chakraborty
🥀So how is Kangana Ranaut part of the SSR story?
🥀Did she promise to pay SSR ₹15 crore and did not?
🥀Did Kangana Ranaut investigate the death of SSR independently and solve the case?
🥀She does not do that; she is Jhansi Ki Rani
🥀But wasn’t Jhansi Ki Rani martyred on June 18, 1858?
🥀So how is Kangana Ranaut part of Sushant Singh Rajput’s story? Is Kangana Ranaut from Bihar?
🥀No she is from Himachal Pradesh
🥀But I thought you said she is Jhansi Ki Rani; is Jhansi in Himachal Pradesh?
🥀So Jhansi is in Bihar where Sushant Singh Rajput came from?
🥀Now I am bewildered
🥀It’s simple; Kangana Ranaut is part of every story where she can say “look what they’ve done to me; look at me; look at me; look, look, look at me”
🥀And when you start to look, what happens?
🥀Then you become part of Babur’s Army
🥀But didn’t Babur die in 1530? ….never mind…
🥀So what really happened to Sushant Singh Rajput ?
🥀Sushant Singh Rajput? Huh? Who’s that?

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