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Khotwadi Slum To Be Auctioned, 800 Cores Scam Exposed No FIR Registered


The most controversial SRA project of the western suburbs ‘Khotwadi bheemwada’ at Santacuruz West is again in controversy last week Debt Recovery Tribunal L -1 Government of India Ministry of Finance (Ahmedabad) served notice to the slum dwellers for non payment of loans which comes to a huge amount of Rupees 280, 10, 88, 145 with interest which comes to approximately 800 crore this amount if not paid the ‘Khotwadi plot’ will be auctioned .This notice has spread panic and fear among the local citizens and slum dwellers of the Khotwadi area people are worried about their future and their homes.


800 cores Scam exposed,No FIR registered, khotwadi slum to be auctioned

The loan was taken by Orbit Corporation Limited (Pujit Agarwal )and Chauhan builder in 2007 from IDBI Bank and LIC which they couldn’t pay and hence the notice is issued but the residents of Khotwadi want to know why their plots will be auctioned when the entire fraud is done by developers Chauhan and Orbit builders with the help of corrupt officers.

Khotwadi Bhimwada chunabhatti Rhewasi sangh president and Ex Municipal councillor Mohan Lokegaonkar who is fighting for the slum dwellers for the last so many years said, ” This notice has created panic among the poor people of Khotwadi and they are afraid that they will loose their homes without their fault The scam is master minded by Chauhan builder, Orbit Corporation and the Committee and till date no Fir has been registered and they are roaming freely after earning huge amount from this plot and have cheated all of us. SRA and BMC officers are supporting and the managing committee is also responsible for this, from the day one I am appealing and demanding the election and for new Annexuture but nobody is taking my complaints seriously and now the people are suffering , said Mohan Lokegaonkar.
Khotwadi scheme is one of oldest scheme of SRA which was started in 2002, 3000 slum dwellers residing over there 600 people are still homeless among 3000 tenants only 1400 made eligible which is wrong.

Mohan Lokegaonkar lashes out at SRA official for not conducting fresh elections to form a new Managing Committee and why BMC is not lodging the FIR against fraud developers Orbit and Chauhan. They have ruined the life of Khotwadi people such a big fraud takes place but no action has been taken against the developer .
On Sunday Khotwadi Bhimwada Chunabhatti Rhewasi Sangh also organised a Morcha at Santacuruz police station and demanded FIR against the developers .The delegation also met senior police inspector of santacuruz police station Mr Shantanu Pawar andsubmit a written complaint.




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