Kisan Morcha, Muslim Council came in support, Ebrahim Tai visit Azad Maidan


    Farmers  Long  March  reached at Azad Maidan  early in the Morning on Monday, they are  expected  to  meet  Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendar Fadnvis .

    City  base Ngo  ‘Muslim  Council  Trust ‘ also  came in support of  Farmers , on  Sunday  night Muslim Council  Trust  chief  Ebrahim Tai  visit Azad Maidan and met  the  farmers. ” Farmers  are  very  important  pillar  of  our  country , they are  backbone of  our  economy Government  should  listen  their  problems , take  it  serious  and  try to solve  their  issues ,” said  Ebrahim  Tai from  Muslim  Council Trust. He  further  added  his  ngo  also  planning to  support the  farmers  giving  lunch  box  and other  basic  needs  because  they have  come  by walk  and  they are  very  tired, their  condition  is  very  miserable. They  should  get  Justice  demands  Ebrahim Tai.



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