Home National Know your Horoscope for this week from 7 february to 14 february by Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

Know your Horoscope for this week from 7 february to 14 february by Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

Know your Horoscope for this week from 7 february to 14 february by Astrologer Subrata Banerjee
Astrologer Subrata Banerjee.

Aries :
Delay in lazy work early in the week, travel to distant places, injury can cause problems. New business opportunities. Lastly, talk about home and economic benefits, sudden income, social events and conversations with new people. Good for people involved in the entertainment world.

Taurus :
Loved ones and father can have body problems. Contingency income. Good luck with the food business. Agility in the workplace. Leg injuries. Home Loss. The action formula may be travel to distant places. Indications of gains in the stock market.

Gemini :
Problems of understanding between husband and wife. Travel to distant places for learning and neglect in the field of learning. Attend family and religious ceremonies. New opportunities for dancers. Speculation gain. Worrying about the health of the child. Good news for the unmarried.

Cancer :
Family, marital and physical problems can increase emotional turmoil. In the economic field, especially in the hotel business people are very happy. Action related news. Attend religious and social events. Good news and new opportunities for students. Expect earnings from shares and family sources.

Leo :
Success at work. The enemy is defeated. Problems related to cold, blood pressure and heart disease. Good news from maternal property and mother. Good news for hotels and food and gold traders. Foreign travel and travel to distant places may be hindered. Child success.

Virgo :
Mental and love life in turmoil. Entertainment world artist’s new opening. Going out for action. Sign of new car and house purchase. Leg injuries. Damage and legal problems can be caused by a brotherly person.

Libra : 
property gain, possibility of an argument with a person of higher authority in the workplace. Attend religious and auspicious ceremonies and travel. Entertainment. Throat and Ears, Probability of body related problems of fatherly person. Speculation gains in the stock market. Guests and the possibility of someone new in life.

Scorpio :
Travel over week. Reunion with family and old friends. Change in Work place and work occasional travel. Disputes between parents over health and land. Good luck in case of deterioration of body health and possibility of accidents. Good for education.

Sagittarius :
Auspicious in economic terms. Going to distant places for work. Employment in higher and government agencies. Good news about marriage. Legal complications. Someone unhealthy like a mother. Improving romantic relationships. It is better to stay away from the stock market.

Capricorn :
Happy week. Work delays at the beginning of the week. Happy arrival of guests at home and children. Benefitted by neighbors and brothers. There may be problems with teeth and bones and health of the mother’s body. Travel to distant places. Special opportunities for students studying economics. Good to stay away from stock market and speculation.

Aquarius :
Additions of wealth. Work that had been stuck for a long time resumed. Travel abroad and distant places. Good for people involved in entertainment, Shares especially banks and food and gold gains added. However, unrest in family and love life can disrupt peace of mind.

Pisces :
The first half of the week can create complications in the workplace but after Thursday will get success. Not good for sightseeing. Worry about the child’s body. Deteriorating relationship with fraternal locals. Attend religious and family functions. Leg injuries can cause problems. There may be losses in the stock market.


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