Kurla kamani Illegal Auto Rikshaw stand is a Big problem local residents complaint but no action against them !!!


    Dear sir ,
    Greeting !
    I would like to inform you that there is some person make one mandal for Kurla Kamani sharing auto stand (70 auto)which is illegal and they are spreading message everywhere that they are giving bribe to police man for the same for smoother process.
    Due to these lots of problem created heavy traffic ,accident , government resources not come in to our local persons use as well as they are taking more money to passengers also.
    Main prospect who actually involve in this bad activities and spreading bad message about our Mumbai police plz find below name and there auto rickshaw number and help our local public.
    1)mandal head ([email protected])
    2)secretory (babu gajrey)
    3) Shankar
    4)Salim [email protected]
    These are the main prospectus who actually threatened every one (local persons,fighting and abusing ,giving thamkis to all over local person and the working in illegal mandal also there is no rickshaw stand for the same )
    Traffic senior PI :Mr.More
    Thanks for your patronage.



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