Liquor Ban Issue Today Rocked Maharashtra Legislative Assembly


    50% of voters in liquor vandal will change in three months

    Minister of State for Excise, Chandrashekhar Bawankule in the Legislative Assembly

    Mumbai: In view of this, if 50% women or voters of the respective warders are present in the ward, they will be barred from voting against liquor ban. This condition has been rejected by all party members including BJP member Ashish Shelar, Declaration of Production Charges The Minister Chandrashekhar bavanakule said.

    In the medieval town of Verde city of Amravati district, there are five shops of indigenous liquor viagra, in this area, there are statues of vegetable market and nation-friendly statues with clothing market. Also, BJP MLA from Pune demanded that these shops should be taken out of the village as they are suffering from liquor and drinking alcohol in the premises of these shops. Anil Bonde had attended the Legislative Assembly. Come join Mumbai to participate in this discussion. Ashish Shelar took objection to the written answer given by the minister to the attention-makers.According to the provision of March 25, 2008, according to the provision of the Bombay liquor ban, if voting is done in case of complaint to the concerned superintendents of women voters or the entire electorate who are not less than 25 percent of the ward in the municipal council or municipal area.In reply to a question, the Uttar Pradesh Minister said that if more than 50 percent of the total voting in the warded voter or female voter is voted against liquor sales, then the liquor baron was there. He said that this condition is untraceable. It is illegal. There is no denying that more than 50 percent of the voters are present in the incident anywhere. This condition can not be inserted in any other election, because it is unconstitutional saying that the government’s order should be canceled.This condition can not be inserted in any other election, because it is unconstitutional saying that the government’s order should be canceled. She demanded that Shelar should make a decision to ban liquor by 50 per cent of women present in the women who voted against liquor ban. This demand has been strongly supported by members of all the parties, both urgently demanding that the correction should be done immediately or today.


    In reply to this, the minister said that the order can not be changed immediately. It needs to be processed legally. He said that considering the demand made by all the members of the House, the changes in this government order will be changed in the next three months.





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