Lord Kamlesh Patel shares his views on Road Safety World Series with UK Head of Hello Mumbai News Kamal Prabhakar.

Lord Kamlesh Patel shares his views on Road Safety World Series with UK Head of Hello Mumbai News Kamal Prabhakar.
picture of Vikram Joshi and Vidushree Joshi (Owner of England Legends Team) with Lord Kamlesh Patel.
Picture of Lord Kamlesh Patel giving Interview to Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News.

During the course of the interview when Kamal Prabhakar asked to Lord Kamlesh Patel to reveal what’s going to happen, Lord Kamlesh said “The Road Safety World series is happening now in U.K. as well as in India. Adding further he said “we grow watching the famous cricketers and we reminisce wonderful memories. We dream and they finally become our legends. We all remember this but, today we are privileged with the h opportunity to fulfill those dreams. We have our Cricket team players from Bangladesh, India, South America coming together and allowing us to fulfill our dreams.

Later, Lord Kamlesh introduced the owners of England legend team saying “ these two superstars/legends Vikram Joshi and Vidushree Joshi came together to use their power, their status to generate awareness on such an important issue that is the “Road Safety World Series . We have about 1.35 deaths every year across the globe and this the reason why the legends are participating in order to create awareness. She further added “it’s just not educating the kids of tomorrow but as they are the future”. She cited the names of the sponsors- “Independence Road Safety from U.K., Foundation led by Lord Witty and off course Lord Kamlesh Patel.

Further Kamal Prabhakar asked Lord Kamlesh, “ You have got this two entrepreneurs who have decided to be the owners of England. This is an history in making because this is similar to IPL but now these are the legends which we want to see playing like Sachin, lahara , kelvin Peterson. This guys has made it real but, where cricket is there we have got causes which we were talking about the road safety, or the children getting to know about India. So, what do you think this will go and when is your first match?
Lord Kamlesh replied by saying “Well! it will be playing tomorrow and obviously hoping our boys to be the winner and hopefully to win the tournaments. This is the finishing of the tournament which was going to held last year but because of the pandemic we have to finish. And we have to begin our tournament on October and we hope this is to be the appetizer”. He further added that, “ the opportunity to help wonderful children to tackle the road accidents, also as Prime Minister Modi said ,”this is the special relationship, this is the living bridge”.

In conclusion, Vidushree Joshi said ,” this could not be possible without the support of Mr. Ravi Gaikwad and the entire team, and specially Lord Kamlesh as our guidance.
Vikram Joshi added,” The matches will be aired in Raipur and in England on Colors Channel.

While concluding the interview, Kamal Prabhakar Lord Kamlesh Patel, Vikram Joshi and Vidushree Joshi.

Description : Story  is written  on Live Reporting Format .


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