Home Eastern Love Birds Kajal Hitesh get police custody till December 8. in murder case Read story here

Love Birds Kajal Hitesh get police custody till December 8. in murder case Read story here

Love Birds Kajal Hitesh get police custody till December 8. in murder case Read story here


The Internet and social media have grown increasingly relevant in homicide. Murders are attempted after watching incidents of killing. Many heinous crimes are committed and yet the Cyber Crime Sleuths of the Mumbai Police are unable to curb such murders of innocent souls.

In a recent brazen crime, a woman identified as Kajal alias Kavita Shah and her lover Hitesh were arrested and remanded to police custody till December 8. The twosome confessed to the crime saying they were lured to the crime after watching a scene on the internet.

The story in detail:
The love birds confessed that they gave slow poison to the husband of the woman by mixing arsenic and thallium in his food to bump him off.

What is shocking is that notwithstanding the crime committed the love birds blatantly deny the crime committed. But they denied their role in the mysterious death of the mother-in-law a month earlier.

Reportedly both Kajal and Hitesh stuck to their version and confessed having mixed arsenic and thallium-which Hitesh brought in a 200ml bottle seven to eight times-in Kajal’s husband’s food and drinks.

However, Police sources reveal that Hitesh, into the business of stationery and gift articles, allegedly purchased these chemicals from his pharmacist client. Meantime Police will record his statement to find out the quantity of chemicals he had given Hitesh and compare it to the amount mixed in food.

According to inspector Sanjay Khatale police have also conducted a forensic test at the family’s home to find traces of the two chemicals.

Even as Hitesh spilled the beans of the conspiracy, Kajal was a hard nut to crack. she completely denied her role. Police therefore suspect Kajal the brain behind the murder. But when she was told Hitesh had admitted to the crime, she broke down.
“Hitesh told us the murder was Kajal’s idea as she was desperate to marry him and he just followed her instructions. The planning was done in August 2022,” said an officer.
Sources said police used the old technique of interrogating the accused separately. Both gave contradictory statements, which nailed them. While they denied meeting or having any contact with each other, police found that they were in constant touch over the phone and on WhatsApp.
“The allegations made by the family all corroborated with the findings and the technical analysis helped us crack the case. Once we are thorough with this case, our focus will be to probe into the death of Kamalkant’s mother,” said Krishnkant Upadhyay, deputy commissioner of police
On August 24, Kamalkant, a garment businessman from Santacruz West, complained of stomach ache and began to vomit. He took medicine from his family doctor but when the pain persisted he had to be admitted to Criticare Hospital in Andheri. Later, as the pain did not subside, Kamalkant was admitted to Bombay Hospital. Over a month ago, Sarla Devi had died following a similar stomach ache.
Doctors were shocked as his organs started failing one after another and there was a suggestion of the presence of metal in his blood. His blood samples were sent for forensic examination; the report showed high levels of arsenic (.0411), 400 times above normal, and thallium (0.15 to 0.6), 363.3 times the normal. It was then the doctors revealed he had been given poison orally.

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