Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019, BJP, Shiv Sena And MNS Should Fight Together : Rashmi Majgaonkar

    Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019, BJP, Shiv Sena And MNS Should Fight together : Rashmi Majgaonkar

    It is undeniable that the series of reformative measures undertaken by the Modi Sarkar surely have set the path for a more sustainable economy. however it is also undeniable that these measures created transient short run periods of disruption, especially for the unorganised sector.

    Thus it is less probable that the Modi Shah duo will sweep all the near elections with the same panache and flamboyance as they did in 2014. Political wisdom thus suggests that in this relativley bleaker time, BJP must not let loose of its few remaining allies. Atleast not when the INC is hell bent on forming an united and functional grand alliance of opposition parties.

    Mr. Shah, on the contrary seems to seems to have no such issue on mind. The BJP pertinently seems to dominate the over ambitious regional parties.The recent split up with TDP is a recent illustration.

    In maharashtra, the right wing (pun intended) that the BJP can form is perhaps with the support of Shiv Sena and MNS.


    Now will Mr Shah with all his victory badges soften his domination and will the Thackeray brothers realize that they cant fight it alone, is what time will tell.
    But one thing is certain. BJP must not let slip of chances of alliances with regional parties for its path to Delhi is not quite straight this time.

    Opinion News by : Rashmi Majgaonkar from Nagpur.




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