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Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis encourages good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for a fitter India at “FIT INDIA CONCLAVE”


By Aleem Shaikh

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis encourages good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for a fitter India at “FIT INDIA CONCLAVE”Glanbia Nutritionals to bring

Affordable Rs. 2 sachets to reach out to people to enrich their health

Bollywood and Sports Personalities join the cause of MISSION FIT 100

Mumbai 3rd Nov 2017: Shri. Devendra Fadnavis (Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra) and Bollywood Star Sonu Sood were speaking about the importance of nutrition and the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle at the “FIT INDIA CONCLAVE” held at The Lalit in Mumbai. The second phase of the FITINDIA CAMPAIGN, which vehemently is spreading education and awareness about an active lifestyle and nutrition, also announced a path-breaking Rs. 2 multi-nutritional sachet by Glanbia for common people, which is completely Made In India.


While speaking at the event, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis, “No nation can survive without a fit population, I have fought obesity all my life and I have understood nutrition n physical workout is very important. Unless we have proper nutrition we can’t stay fit. This is the need of the day, Glabia through its initiative Fit India is offering nutritional supplement to Indian citizens at an affordable cost. And, with this sachet of multivitamin priced at just 2 Rs, is Made in India, branded in India, I can say they are offering life at just 2 Rs and the Government is happy to support the initiative of Fit India.”

Speaking about the FIT INDIA CONCLAVE organized by Glanbia, Mr. Avik Sanyal, Country Head of Glanbia, said “To support our mission to “Make India A Fitter India” we will be launching an affordable range of products to meet daily nutrition requirement of the people in India. And these products will be available across 20,000 stores in India.

Our group company Glanbia Nutritionals is already in process to launch affordable Rs. 2 sachets to reach out to the people to enrich their health by providing solutions for both micro as well as macro nutrients” on the verge of making a fit India.

FITINDIA CONCLAVE stressed on EDUCATE- Raise awareness about the positive impact of healthy lifestyles, INSPIRE- Give people ideas about how to achieve fitness and adopt a healthy lifestyle, ENABLE- Create opportunities to be fit in today’s fast-paced environment. Noted personalities like Mr. Sandeep Singh, Indian Hockey Player, Ms. Deepa Malik, Para Olympic Gold Winning Athlete, Dr. Haresh Mehta, Cardiologist, Mr. Chirag Sethi, Nutritionist, Ms. Shweta Shalini, Social Activists, Mr. Sam Bedi, Regional Director, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, ASPAC.

On this occasion, Mr. Sam Bedi, Regional Director of Glanbia said that “We are organizing Fit India Program under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) in other cities of the country. The main aim of this program is to stress on the importance of nutrition for the people to be healthy, which will enable them to be disease free and live a long life. Further, we would want to support the “Make In India “campaign for which we have already initiated the process with local packaging in India with our new product ‘On Whey’”.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood said, “Supplements are necessary but you need proper guidance on their intake and one needs to supplement it with a proper work-out”. Para Olympic Gold winning athlete Deepa Malik shared, “If I see back my journey, I wasn’t sure I will be a part olympian, all I wanted is to be fit despite being on wheelchair. I have always kept myself fit, I never looked at statements like I am handicapped etc, I took part in sports to prove to myself, and no1 tells me I am handicapped all they say is that I am a champion I am a sportsman”

Fit India is an initiative of Glanbia along with Government of India to promote greater focus on nutrition and physical activity across India. The campaign is designed to inspire everyone to seek nutrition and fitness regardless of age, background or current fitness levels. Fit India brings together individuals, public authorities, the fitness fraternity, civil society organizations and the private sector to discuss ideas and collaborate on initiatives to help increase public participation and focus on better nutrition and physical activity across India.


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