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Mahim Mela begins, Don’t play Dj Dargah Trust appeals to Mumbaikar ( Sandal organisers)

Mahim Mela begins, Don’t play Dj Dargah Trust appeals to Mumbaikar ( Sandal organisers)

By Aleem Shaikh (Mahim) :
The most awaited religious and cultural festival of island city Mumbai, ” Mahim Fair in the Memory of Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi a great Sufi Saint ” 2017 begins at Mahim Dargah from 3rd December to 12 December. The ten-day long festival event that starts every December. A unique feature of the Mela is that the first sandal for the Dargah comes from the Mumbai police because Mumbai police have strong faith and devotee of Baba Makhdum. This Mela is very much old tradition which is being celebrated for many decades.
” This year we got a very good response from all over the world. Devotees have started to attend the Mela for getting blessings of Baba Makhdum, we requested to all Sandal organisers don’t play Dj and loud music because it disturbs the peace of others and Our Islam doesn’t allow such type of music, Islam gives us the message of Peace, we have succeeded and people are following the guidelines , because loud music disturbs the old aged, ill and small children. people realized this mistakes and now it is controlled as compared to last year.secondly, security arrangements have done very well by our volunteers in Coordination with Mahim police, because devotees come from every community from a different part of the world.” Said Suhail Khandwani Managing Trustee of Mahim Dargah. He further added this festival is a symbol of secularism in our country because it starts with the first chadar of Mumbai police and fair is also attended by all community people.they paid their respect and get blessings from Baba Makhdum.
Another Community leader and Shiv vahtuk Sena leader Sajid Kasam Supariwala, says this Mela give us good opportunity to communicate with different community people and celebration of our rich and religious culture, I also appealed to all Mumbaikars and sandal organisers for avoiding Dj and loud Music during sandal procession, instead of this you participate in Qawwalis, fun, and fair Sufi music and take part in Islamic lecture, ” .
On the first day of the Mela city’s top business, man and politicians reached Mahim Dargah, and wished Suhail Khandwani.Among them were, Hamid Nathani, Tanveer Merchant, Ibrahim Darvesh, Arshad Sayyed, Kaptan Malik Shamim Radiowala and others.


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