Major Set Back For Israel, UN Rejected Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

    Muslim Protests Against Israel And USA, Jerusalem Capital Of Israel

    World Reaction On this decision :
    Israel :
    Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who had earlier called the UN “house of lies” Condemned the “Preposterous” vote and thanked Trump for his stance on Jerusalem.


    USA : After this defeat Trump threatens to cut aid over UN Jerusalem.
    Iran : Mohammad Javed Zarif, Iran’s foreign Minister also welcomed the results of the vote on Twitter calling it “a Resounding global No to Trump regime’s thuggish intimidation , at the UN.


    Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Chief negotiator condemned Washington’s decision but said the UN vote showed respect for the law of law .its a day of shame to those who who who supported and stood shouldered to shoulder with the occupation and Settlements against International law.



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