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Major setback for Mumbai Congress Ex- Mumbai Minority Cheif Nizamuddin Rayeen joins AIMIM


By Aleem Shaikh

Nizamuddin Rayeen, Chairman of Mumbai Congress Committee Minority Department, resigned from his post alleging that the local party leadership is ignoring Muslims while distributing tickets.

Rayeen’s supporters urged him to remain in the party and fight the “RSS agents” in the Congress.

Rayeen said while addressing a crowded press conference that “For 32 years he has served the Congress and in the past several years tried to bring the community closer to the party. But now he is leaving it because some communal elements with a deep-rooted hatred for the Muslims don’t want him to remain vocal and assertive,” In the press meet, Rayeen announced his resignation not only as Chairman of Congress Minority Department but also as the primary member of the Congress Party.

Rayeen said that “What’s use of remaining in the party when we cannot get party tickets for the honest and loyal workers who devoted and worked hard for the Congress”.

He also said that “However totally ignoring the names of party workers suggested by us, the so called parliamentary board is giving party tickets to others”.

Rayeen said that minority department had handed over a list of party workers who were willing to contest the ensuing BMC elections on the request of the party high command.

Contesting the BMC election for the first time, the AIMIM is receiving the huge response in many wards of the city.

The party members said that he was demanding the ticket for his supporters as well as his son Numaan Rayeen from south Mumbai ward No.213.He was very much upset. These are the main reasons to leave the party.He has resigned from his post weeks ago.He met Owasi brothers at Balwas Hotel and openly announce the media about his joining AIMIM in the presence of Akbaruddin Owaisi.


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