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Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh conduct Office opening ceremony in South Mumbai

Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh conduct Office opening ceremony in South Mumbai


On Saturday, 12 August, the Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh opened its first centre office in South Mumbai. It was inaugurated by P.A.Inaamdaar famous educationist of Maharashtra and BJP Leader Madhav Bhandari.

The prime highlight of the inaugural ceremony was that it saw the attendance by former Union Minister and Senior Shiv Sena leader Annant Geete, Former Maharashtra Haj Committee Chairman and Senior Congress leader Ibrahim Bhaijaan, MNS leader Arvind Gawde and others.

In the midst of addressing the audience Mr Fakir Mohd Thakur Founder President of Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh Sangh said that their foremost motive is to shape this organisation bring all Maharashtraian Muslims under one umbrella and place their problems before the government and all political parties.

Through this platform it is their desire to create their own leadership and to become a part of every government in Maharashtra.

P.A.Inaamdar founder of Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh amid expressing his views on this ocassion asserted that this platform is unique for all of them to first promote education awareness among the Minority community which is their priority. He is for sure that this platform will transform the image of Maharashtraian Muslims and appeals to all their Maharashtrian leaders to support them and help them to uplift their community.

Haji Ibrahim Shaikh Chief Advisor of Managing Committee of Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh said that they are very positive on this platform and their support to all secular parties and if any political party helps them to solve resolve their problems and issues, definitely their organisation will help and support them.

Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh is the true voice of the Maharashtraian Muslims.

Anant Geete,Former Shiv Sena Minister also attended this inaugural ceremony and addressed the audience,” saying that their vision is same and his Shiv Sena Party too are concerned over their Bhoomiputra. Similarly, the same Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh are concerned about Bhoomiputra issues and hence their support to this organisation will continue.

Whatever problems the Maharashtraian Muslims face their help will be there to solve it. Once their Shiv Sena Party leader Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray comes into power they will support to be a part of their Government.
He also ensured all Marathi Muslims that there is no need to fear from anyone as Shiv Sena is with them.


Madhav Bhandari senior BJP leader of Maharashtra articulated that their party recognizes Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh and definitely support them.Bhoomiputra is the Sangh’s priority and they are serious over the problems of Maharashtraian Muslims.

He added that he knows Thakur Sahab who is very much clear about his vision and he feels very positive that this organisation will create major impact in Maharashtra’s politics.

Arvind Gawde senior MNS leader said,” Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is always concerned and serious about the issues of Bhoomi putra irrespective of caste, creed and religion support to Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh will continue.

Haneed Modhak Senior leader of Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh said, the Sangh wants to create it own identity through this platform. Every political party only use its vote but they are not concerned about problems

He added “we are Bhoomiputra of Maharashtra so every political party should give preference to us in solving our problems”.

Over the next few months the organisation structure will emerge more strong and will see lot of benefits.

The inaugural ceremony also saw the attendance by all Maharashtraian Muslims residing in different parts of Mumbai and Thane.

All the guests were duly felicitated by Marathi Muslim Seva Sangh leaders with a booke and shawl.

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