Maseeha organised 1 day picnic for Orphanage children


By Aleem shaikh :
Maseeha Ngo known for charity work for the poor and needy people and famous among the underprivileged children for its kind and noble work.
Maseeha NGO had

Organised a 1-day picnic for Orphanage children below 10 years at Royal Garden Resort First time in their life these poor Children enjoyed life beyond their four walls of Orphanage. You can see smiles on their faces which really gave peace to our hearts. They enjoyed to the core and were not ready to come out of the water park. They were made to play games where they got gifts from Shaikh Shakil Rustam a Maseeha Member. Return gifts were given to them by Seema Khan and Javed Khan of Maseeha. The picnic was Organised by Shadab Shah, Shaikh Shakil Rustam, Alfan Lakdawalla and Sugra Anwar Loya. Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora the President is also seen with the children with her happy smile of peace. Mrs Abida Zaveri, Mrs Abida Kutchi, Nishat Sait, Erum Zaveri and Hannah were few of the present members for the picnic. Food and snacks were served to the Orphanage children. More often such programs will be done in future.We Need encouragement and support of all good people
” our work for the underprivileged children, poor and needy people will be continued and we have lots of plan in our mind to help them “, said Mariam Shakir Hingora president of the Maseeha.


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