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Maseeha Trust Celebrates Independence Day with Special childrens with certain disabilities, at Banglore.


By Aleem Shaikh (Banglore)

Maseeha trust this time puts one more foot forward towards helping the children with special needs, children who have autism and cerebral Palasy and have certain disabilities. Celebrated Independence Day with them a freedom initiative to help these children in their own small ways Maseeha founder Nishath S & Rizwana Punjabi general secretary of Islam Gymkhana & Cmd of welding spark visited the SALAAM TRUST Centre for special needs on Independence Day and distributed stationaries and flags for these children. Rizwana Punjabi sponsored snacks and ice cream for these kids. They spent time with these special kids who actually are very special. Thanks to Rizwana Punjabi for being a part of the Independence Day project and for giving her valuable time. Maseeha was lucky to have her in Bangalore. The children were dressed in various outfits like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Indira Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and so on. The principal Mrs Rabia and trustee Mr Masood of the school thanked Maseeha trust. Mrs Ambareen Nazim who is a part of SALAAM TRUST Centre for Special Needs met Nishath s and told her about this school. Thanks to her.

Maseeha Trust Banglore unit led by its founder Nishat S celebrated independence day in a unique style she visited the orphanage home as parts of the independence day celebration various items and sweets were distributed to the Special childrens with certain disabilities in Banglore. In a brief program Maseeha team shared words of encouragement and the children presented special numbers on this occasion.
I have no doubt that Indian society at all levels needs to be sensitized to the problems of the Special childrens with certain disabilities. I wish you all success in this noble task .This was our first programme in Banglore but in future we will continue it ,” says Nishat S founder of the Maseeha Trust.



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