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Maseeha Trust chief Dr .Mariam Shakir Hingora organised Mass Marriage ceremony


After the great success of her previous social work the extremely kind hearted ,soft spoken and well known face of memon community ,Dr.Mariam shakir hingora Chief of Maseeha Trust organised a mass marriage ceremony under the theme of ijtemai nikah in South Mumbai for the poor and needy couple in which two couples tied the knot . Dr.Mariam Shakir Hingora invited all political and community leaders such as Congress MLA Amin Patel, AMIM MLA waris pathan BP MLLA Rajpurohit also attended this mass marriage ceremony and blessed the newly wedded couple.

Dr.Mariam’s lovely daughter Nishat saith also came from Banglore to attend this Mass Marriage function she also did hard work to organise the function.

Among others who attended the function were Sohail khandwani, Haji Ibrahim shaikh ex president Maharashtra state Haj committe ,Ehsan Gadawala Wmo India chief, Iqbal Memon officer, suhail lokhandwala ,Avp chief Shamsher khan pathan , Nasir pathan, Mudassar patel from congress party and Actress sangeeta Vardhan, Nizamuddin Rayeen, Khaleed qureshi speaking with Hello Mumbai News she said, It was our first mass marriage ceremony which got good response i am thankful to all who attended this function and Qadar bhai perfumewala who supported me a lot our Maseeha team also played very active role in organising the function, such types of works give us pleasure and satisfaction we will organise such type of mass marriage ceremony in futures on a big scale ,she said.The main highlight of the function was that Dr.Mariam Hingora organised everything in a very short period her initiative was appreciated by everyone whole attended this mass marriage ceremony.

For her social activities and noble cause she was also honoured with the title of ‘Iron Lady ‘ by Memon Community leaders like Ehsan Gadhawala and suhail khandwani.



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