Home Central Mass Marriage Held Of 23 Couples By Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamaat At BKC

Mass Marriage Held Of 23 Couples By Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamaat At BKC

Mass Marriage Held Of 23 Couples By Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamaat At BKC

Mass Marriage Ceremony of 23 couples was organized by Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Samaj on Sunday at BKC got an overwhelming response and Mumbaikar responded to this event very well.


Speaking with “Hello Mumbai news” Mehboob Saurtiya one of the trustees of the Jamat says, ” our main purpose to organise this Mass Marriage ceremony is primarily to help the economically backward families who cannot afford the ceremony costs, but our main highlight of this Ceremony is that all bride and groom belong to our Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamat.he added. There was a huge crowd at the venue. The mass marriage ceremony was attended by more than Thousands of people.

This Marriage Ceremony function was attended by different communities and all kinds of people like politicians, Businessmen, and religious leaders. Ex-Minister of Maharashtra Government and MLA from Congress Areef Naseem Khan also attended this event and blessed every couple.

“23 couples got married during the ceremony, it’s a big initiative taken by Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamat I congratulate to the entire community and appreciate their efforts, whatever help they need we will do for you, said Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora president of the Maseeha Trust, who was also invited in this event as a guest.

Faisal Banaraswala gave a warm welcome to the guest. He played a very important role in organizing the function. He Coordinates well with Guest and Media. S.P.Ahuja From Anti Terrorist Front also attended the event and gave blessings to newly married 23 couples, Javed Juneja Municipal Councillor from south Mumbai also wished to the Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamat for the great Success of this Function where couples tie the knot under the same roof at the same time.

Other dignitaries who attended the function were, Sayyed Javed Qadri Hussaini, Kodinar Shareef Choti Bagdad, Mukdoom khan (Bhartiya Muslim party, Zahid Patka (Bjp Media Coordinator, Parvez Banarswala.Aleem shaikh and Adv Marjeena shaikh from Hello Mumbai.

Hello Mumbai News Team salute to the Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamat for this great noble initiative.

The main role played by the Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamaat, Abdul Razzak Suleman Agwaan General Secretary, Abdul Raheem wiraji Bilkhiya, President, Md Hussain Musa Chavan, Trustee, Haroon Bhai Hamir Bhai Mehtar, and others community leaders did very much hard work for the success of this event.



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