Home Central Massive protest against Javed Shroff,Managing Trustee, Habib Hospital , Protesters demand his immediate resignation.

Massive protest against Javed Shroff,Managing Trustee, Habib Hospital , Protesters demand his immediate resignation.

Massive protest against Javed Shroff,Managing Trustee,  Habib Hospital , Protesters demand his immediate resignation.
Former Congress MLA Yusuf Abrahani supported the protest and demands resignstion of Javed Sharoff.

Protestors demands independent inquiry.

Reportedly, South Mumbai’s Dongri area, on Friday’, 11th February
witnessed a massive protest by the staff members of the Habib Hospital and Habib School against the Managing Trustee? Javed Shroff for his dictatorship behaviour and attitude with them. Notably, the massive protest generated good response .

The prime issue of the protesters who took to the streets related to Mismanagemant ,Salary dues of Doctors, Nurses, Covid Fund dues of doctors and mental harrashment.  The protesters demanded immediate resignation of Javed Shroff. The main highlight of this protest was that, it was spearheaded by Former Congress MLA Yusuf Abrahani.

While addressing the media and the protesters Mr .Abrahani said, ” I am very much upset and at a loss to understand the behaviour and attitude of Javed Shroff and his working style in the capacity as a Managing Trustee of the well-known Habib Hospital. Since the last 6 to 7 months nurses , doctors and other staff members have not been getting their salary regardless of having worked tirelessly amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown. What was even worse is that many staffs were sacked without any ultimation or reasons thereof. Ironically, many doctors and nurses were forced to leave after putting in many years of services.

It is, therefore, my fervent appeal to the Management to kindly resolve all the issues referred with immediate, otherwise protest will continue till such time justice is received.

One of the protesters said “we are extremely fed up with the misbehaviour, and dictatorship attitude of Javed Shroff ever since he became the Managing Trustee of the Habib Hospital. It is not something new, but common that the staff members are subjected to Mental Torture and harassment.
We need justice.

According to Sagar Jadhav employee of Habib Primary School, he alleges that “I have to work in Habib Hospital as well as Habib School and on top of it, Javed Shroff forced me to do even his personal work by sending files. He has been misbehaving and was also using abusive language very often and has been insulting and humiliating me as well as all staff.members.

Interestingly, to add weight to the protest, Habib School Staff that comprises female teachers also joined this protest and demanded immediate resignation of Mr.Shroff.
Interacting with the media, one of the female Teachers and protester lashed out at Javed Shroff alleging “we have not received 4 month salary as yet and he forces us beyond working hours. He comes very late and holds meeting late night not realising that we all come from far away destinations like Vasai, Virar, and Mira Road. He cares a damn for us.

Even our Principal took VRS because of his mental torture and harassment. Even when we have been begging for our salary, but our grievances goes into the deaf ears.

Naeem Nakwah , a well known social activist and who is helping these victims said, ” Being a Congress leader, Javed Shroff is mindlessly misusing his power and harrasing the staff members of the Habib Hospital as well Habib School.

My prime question to him is why he always calls meeting late night?This is despite of the fact that he is very much aware that everyone do not live in south Mumbai. This is an apt indication that he is bent to harass the staff members. Habib Hospital is rated as a very prestigious hospital of the community .Since he took charge of this hospital everything is going topsy turvy. Non-payment of salary imismanagement, misconduct have somehow become very common.

Finally, it is my fervent appeal to the Maharashtra Government to set up an independent panel who could make inquiries of all employees of Habib Hospital and Habib School and get justice.

All protesters demand immediate resignation of Javed Shroff.

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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