Meet Asif Noor Hasan Director of Hunar Business Network read his Media Profile here journey here

Meet Asif Noor Hasan Director of Hunar Business Network read his Media Profile here journey here


Startup Name :Hunar Business Network

Founded  2015
Founder Name :Shagufta Mumtaz 

Director : Asif Noor Hasan

Startup Category : Service

Description : Networking, B2B Meetings & Events

Contact details :9833188111

Social media links :Asif Noor Hasan mukadam

Instagram asif_noon_hasan
Facebook Asif Noor Hasan

Email ID

Opening hours :10.00am to 5.00pm

Startup  Head Quater Mumbai

Address : 112 Tenament,15/A,
3rd Floor, Next to Crescent Dairy, Hains Road, BJ Marg, Byculla (west), 400011

In Our Startup of the Year 2024 Series in this Episode we are introducing before you a very dynamic and visionary Personality who believes in hard work and because of his good work, he is very popular in Mumbai. Yes, we are talking about MR. Asif Noor Hasan Who is Auto Mobile Engeneer By Profession and Currently  Director of Hunar Business Network He is the Owner of Bike Hub and AN Enterprises , Chairman of Al Noor Medical And Welfare Trust And Director of NBMK Hospital

Let’s have a look at his successful journey has a Enterpreneur :

Hello Mumbai News : Could You Introduce Yourself our readers?

Asif Noor Hasan :

Thank you so much for having me here . Greetings to all the Readers of this prestigious News Portal I am Asif Noor Hasan , professionally an Auto Mobile Enge neer Director of Hunar Business Network we Started this Business Network platform in  2015  with Shagufta  Mumtaz With the aim of to Empower And to Support Women Entrepreneurs as of now We have More than 40 Thousand Members Via Facebook And Whatsapp Every Month we  Do the Networking Meet , B2B Marketing and Award Function Occasionally.

Hello Mumbai News :

What Inspired to Start Hunar Business Network :

Asif Noor Hasan :

From the beginning of my professional journey i wanted to do so something for women empowerment.

To Support them Economically

To recognise the ordinary inspiring women,
Women who have fought against various obstacles.
Women who have defied stereotypical norms and have emerged stronger.

Hello Mumbai News :

What is Your Vision And Mission ?

Asif Noor Hasan :

Bring together women from all over the world, on one platform and work towards bigger goals.

To collaborate and coordinate to create opportunities for each inherent talent, dreams and desires to fulfil.

To change attitude and stereotypical perceptions towards women.

To Empower Woman Economically

from Different Communities and Societies

To Create and Exclusive Community of Entrepreneurs

Mission :

To Create More Than 100 Business Network Group Across India

To Empower More Than 10,000 Woman Entrepreneurs Across  India

To Support India’s Startup Eco System

To Create Healthy Atmosphere Through Hunar Business Network and to Empower MSEM Business Owners.

Hello Mumbai News 

Tell Something about your Brand Hunar Business Network and how people can benefit from it.

Asif Noor Hasan :

Hunar Business Network a Very Big Platform for Woman Entrepreneurs and MSEM Owners our Work Can Be Seen On Our Social Media Platform Instagram and Facebook Our work can be seen on our social media handles. Today the organisation boasts of more than 15,000 women. We have a reach of more than 50,000 on social media.  With 30 whatsapp groups ladies are thriving, sharing, connecting and helping each other in real ways. Our Sisters Support Group – brings together all the ladies who have been suffering from domestic abuse, with a 24 hrs availability. We have both options paid and unpaid.

Hello Mumbai News :

Do you feel that in  India there are enough structures and facilities put in place to assist women to expand their Startup Journey?

Asif Noor Hasan :

Yes , definitely India has gone through a dramatic transformation. There are lots of Government schemes to support Naari Shakti . Not only that, we see more and more women in corporate jobs , being the boss.  This has led to a somewhat change of  attitude of men at work as well though lots more needs to be done. Our PM is working seriously in MSME sector lots of schemes are being launching to boost this sector.


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