Home Central Meet Dadar based AAP Leader and Founder of ChakaChak Dadar Social Organisation who shares his Political Journey

Meet Dadar based AAP Leader and Founder of ChakaChak Dadar Social Organisation who shares his Political Journey

Meet Dadar based AAP Leader and Founder of ChakaChak Dadar Social Organisation who shares his Political Journey

Chandrakant Kamble fondly known as Chetan among the locals of Dadar, he is the founder of ChakaChak Dadar Social Organisation, a civic forum, started in 2017 with the aim of helping the citizens of the Dadar to tackle civic problems. ChakaChak Dadar helps Dadarkars by guiding them in approaching the right officials, lodging complaints and ensuring that the problems are solved.
For years, he and his team have been going after officials pleading for issues to be fixed.
“Instead of asking and depending on other officials to do something, I decided why not enter the system myself,” states Chetan Kamble.
His decided to join AAP because he felt that none of the other political parties has that vision for change and not doing anything what they are supposed to.
Municipal system need more focus on civic issues, political agenda and ideologies of political parties have no place here but ironically most of the work take place under some political agenda.

There is an urgent need for participation from citizens in municipal elections. Citizens were fed up with the delay and lack of accountability they have had to face from officials, when it came to solving issues in the wards, over the years. “Instead of complaining what has not done, I want a chance to actually work on it, along with getting more people involved in it, he adds.
He says that, for citizens like him, who are tired of waiting for development to take place in their wards, a chance to stand for the post of ward councilor allows them an opportunity to set things straight.

Since inception of ChakaChak Dadar, he is been engaged in many a charity event both solo pioneered as well as in partnership with sister charitable organizations like in July 2020, in the heart of the pandemic, he pioneered the “Mission Zero Hunger Dadar” where he conducted a food distribution drive targeting the underprivileged and those adversely affected by the unfortunate pandemic.
Later in June 2021, in partnership with the team of Khanachahiye, organized another drive aimed at distributing grocery kits to economically support the vulnerable residents of Dadar such that none sleep hungry during these strained times.

In addition, he was part MCGM Covid-19 team for data management of positive patients and also provided 150+ regular and ICU beds as well as Oxygen supply and Ventilators for citizens of Dadar. he also connected the distributors of pharmaceuticals to procured required vials for the needy in Dadar and even arranged for blood plasma via potential donors and blood banks in Mumbai.
These successful campaigns are just a few that have not only proven his credibility in the neighborhood as a trusting face but also have helped create a more bonded locale where people are both aware of their vicinity and come forward to help others and ChakaChak Dadar as a whole in reaching the next step of being happy practically speaking.

Key issues to be addressed
When compared to parliamentary or assembly elections, where larger development issues become talking points, local body polls address the various basic issues that citizens have to deal with on a daily basis, such as poor conditions of roads, a lack of proper waste management system in their neighborhood, faulty storm water drains, traffic congestions, untidy parks and so on.

As far as ward 198 is concerned, Mr. Chetan wants to work on sustainable solutions for solid waste management and also work on preventing encroachments in public spaces”. Another prominent issue that needs to be addressed in his ward is with regard to the issue of drinking water supply, improving the poor conditions of roads, prevent stagnation of water during monsoon, develop schools, gyms, playgrounds and medical facilities in the ward.


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